Administrative Justice Fin de siecle: Early Judicial Standards of Administrative Conduct in Europe (1890-1910)

ISBN : 9780198867562

Giacinto della Cananea; Stefano Mannoni
368 ページ
156 x 234 mm

The second volume in this series explores the evolution of administrative laws in Europe to better understand the foundations of EU institutions, focusing on the period of 1890-1910. These years saw both a growth of governments and either the entry into force or the consolidation of mechanisms of control on public authorities. Comparing the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Belgium, France, the German Empire, Italy, and the United Kingdom, this title focuses on their historical administrative actions and looks at their development during that time. The volume contains three sections. The first introduces the project and the topic. The second covers the six legal systems chosen for this study, looking at the historical context. The third takes a comparative approach across the six systems, following on from their histories to look at their development and legacies. This edited collection expands on the ideals of a common core within European administrative law and how they have shaped our world. This volume is an essential tool for anyone involved in administrative and constitutional law and legal history.


1 Giacinto della Cananea: Commonality and Diversity in Administrative Justice: Fin de siecle
The Legal Systems Selected for Comparative Analysis
2 Angela Ferrari Zumbini: Standards of Judicial Review of Administrative Action in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
3 Yseult Marique: The Administration and the Judge: Pragmatism in Belgian Case Law
4 Jeremy Mercier: The Judicial Elaboration of Standards for Public Administrations in France
5 Lilly Weidemann: Standards of Judicial Review of Administrative Action in the German Empire
6 Alessandra Bassani: Initial Investigation on Excess of Power: Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Italy
7 Conor McCormick: The Historical Foundations of Judicial Review in the United Kingdom
Comparative Studies
8 Leopoldo A Moscoso: Liberal Democracies and the Control of Virtue: The Weakening of Representative Regimes and the Expansion of the Judiciary
9 Luca De Lucia: Judicial Review of Administrative Action: A Brief Comparison between the Austro-Hungarian and German Empires
10 Robert Thomas: The Development of Administrative Law in the United Kingdom
11 Marco Mazzamuto: The Formation of the Italian Administrative Justice System, European Common Principles of Administrative Law, and 'Jurisdictionalisation' of Administrative Justice in the 19th Century
12 Stefano Mannoni: The Administrative World of Yesterday


Giacinto della Cananea is a professor and leading authority on EU administrative law and comparative administrative law. His publications include five monographs, 20 edited volumes, and over 150 articles, book chapters, and comments to judicial decisions on national and EU administrative law, global administrative law, and public finances. He is a co-ordinator of ReNEUAL, and a member of the European Group of Public Law, the European Constitutional Law Network, the Societas Juris Public Europei, and the Dornburg Group of Administrative Law.; Stefano Mannoni is full professor of legal history at the University of Florence. He has published mainly on history of public law, notably history of state and centralization building in France and history of public international law. He served from 2005 to 2012 as a regulator of the Italian audio-visual and telecommunications industry and since then he has written extensively on the topic of law and technology. In 2013, he was appointed a member of the commission for the reform of the Italian constitution.