Modern Applications of Graph Theory

ISBN : 9780198856740

Vadim Zverovich
416 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Modern Applications of Graph Theory discusses many cutting-edge applications of graph theory, such as traffic networks, navigable networks and optimal routing for emergency response, placement of electric vehicle charging stations, and graph-theoretic methods in molecular epidemiology. Due to the rapid growth of research in this field, the focus of the book is on the up-to-date development of these applications and the mathematical methods used to tackle them. Ideal for researchers, engineers, transport planners and emergency response specialists who are interested in graph theory applications, Modern Applications of Graph Theory can also be used as teaching material. In addition to up-to-date descriptions of the applications, it includes extensive exercises and their solutions, mimicking practical, real-life situations. Furthermore, there is an introductory chapter, which provides an overview of basic applications and algorithms of graph theory. The book includes over 120 illustrations and tables.


1 Introduction
2 Traffic Networks: Wardrop Equilibrium and Braess' Paradox
3 Emergency Response: Navigable Networks and Optimal Routing in Hazardous Indoor Environments
4 Graph Models for Backbone Sets and Limited Packings in Networks
5 Graph Models for Optimization Problems in Road Networks
6 Graphs in Molecular Epidemiology


Dr Vadim Zverovich, MSc, PhD, is the Head of the Mathematics and Statistics Research Group at the University of the West of England. An accomplished researcher, he is also a Fellow of the United Kingdom Operational Research Society, and was previously a Fellow of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany. In 2016, he was awarded Higher Education Academy (HEA) fellowship status, and, in 2017, the Faculty of Environment and Technology of the University of the West of England named him its researcher of the year. His research interests include graph theory and its applications, networks, probabilistic methods, combinatorial optimisation and emergency responses. With 30 years of research experience, he has published about 70 papers and established an internationally recognised academic track record in the mathematical sciences covering both theoretical and applied aspects. He is the author of two books devoted to graph theory