Oxford Handbook of Cardiac Nursing (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198832447

Kate Olson
432 ページ
100 x 180 mm
Oxford Handbooks in Nursing

Nurses must deliver up-to-date, clinically effective, evidence-based care across a range of settings and develop nursing services to meet changing demands. The revised and expanded Oxford Handbook of Cardiac Nursing 3rd edition is tailored to provide the essential knowledge nurses need; at their fingertips when they need it. This handbook will guide the reader systematically through the care of patients with a wide range of cardiac problems. Each chapter contains the up to date evidence-based guidelines for cardiac conditions and treatments. It now includes new topics such as stroke, genetics, computed tomography coronary angiogram. Valvular heart disease has been expanded, as well as the chapter on congenital heart disease and inherited cardiac conditions. Providing key summaries of common problems and essential issues, it will provide both an invaluable reference for cardiac nurses, as well as a precise, targeted guide for nurses from other specialties caring for patients with cardiac problems.


1 Kate Olson: Introduction: prevention of cardiovascular disease
2 Kate Olson: Cardiac assessment
3 Tracey Bowden: Cardiac investigations
4 Kate Olson: Valvular disease
5 Kate Olson: Infective endocarditis
6 Kate Olson: Coronary heart disease: stable angina
7 Tracey Bowden: Acute coronary syndromes
8 Tracey Bowden: Interventional cardiology for coronary heart disease
9 Kate Olson: Cardiac surgery
10 Imelda Sotto: Chronic heart failure
11 Rachel Grant: Bradycardias and blocks
12 Kate Olson: Tachycardias
13 Alex Cambridge: Electrophysiology
14 Kate Olson: Congenital heart disease and inherited cardiac conditions
15 Kate Olson: Cardiomyopathy
16 Kate Olson: Other cardiac problems
17 Kate Olson: Cardiac rehabilitation
18 Kate Olson: Cardiovascular emergencies
19 Lynda Filer: Cardiovascular drugs
Kate Olson: Appendix 1 Further suggested resources
Kate Olson: Appendix 2 Heart diagrams


Kate Olson has had a wide and varied career in the field of cardiac nursing. She started her career as a staff nurse in cardiothoracic nursing before moving onto coronary care, intensive care and cardiac rehabilitation. In 1998 she became a lecturer in cardiac nursing at City University London and was later promoted to Senior Lecturer. In this role she was responsible for all of the post registration cardiac nursing courses and the degree in cardiac nursing. In 2005 she was invited to help set up the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, the first journal for cardiac nursing in the UK. Kate became the editor in chief of the journal. She stepped down from this position when her daughter was born but continues to have an active role on the editorial board. Kate currently divides her time between working as a visiting lecturer at City University of London, working as a health professional at a community cardiac rehabilitation group, and, working as a freelance trainer.