Theory of Macroeconomic Policy

ISBN : 9780198825371

Christopher Tsoukis
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Theory of Macroeconomic Policy reviews the theoretical foundations of macroeconomic, fiscal, and monetary, policy. It offers a panoramic view of macroeconomic theory, covering a wide range of topics that are not customarily dealt with in macroeconomics texts, as well as more standard material. Advanced theory is bridged with more elementary or intermediate material, and established models are reviewed alongside current research directions. There is an extensive review of empirical evidence on virtually every topic, supplemented by narrative accounts for various episodes. The policy implications of the various theories are emphasised throughout. The chapters are largely self-contained so that different courses can focus at different places. A 'Guidance for Further Study' Section and extensive bibliography give plenty of ideas for all levels of independent study, from Undergraduate Projects to MSc Dissertations to PhD Theses. Theory of Macroeconomic Policy presents a balance between: breadth as well as depth; analytical treatment and intuition; theory and evidence; vintage theories and current directions; theory and policy; (established) theory and debate. Theory of Macroeconomic Policy is an affirmation that there is a well-developed body of theory that is invaluable for an in-depth understanding of the macro-economy and policy; equally, there is much scope for critical discussion and debate.


1. From AD-AS to Advanced Macroeconomics: A Review
2. The Rational Expectations Hypothesis and the New Classicals
3. New Keynesians and Inflation
4. Unemployment
5. Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomics
6. Business Cycles and Stabilization Policy
7. Monetary Policy
8. Fiscal Policy and Public Debt
9. The Theory of Growth
10. Inequality
11. Sectoral Analyses: Consumption, Saving, Investment, Housing, and the Stock Market


Christopher Tsoukis is a macroeconomist with the Economics and Finance Group of the Keele University Business School. Tsoukis has previously taught at Queen Mary University of London, Leicester, Hull, and London Metropolitan Universities, and has been a Senior Research Fellow at the European Institute of the London School of Economics and a Research Officer at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research in London. His emphasis in research is on social and behavioural theories and models of macroeconomics, as well as on more traditional areas of the discipline such as business cycles, fiscal policy, current accounts, and the political economy of the European sovereign debt crisis. He regularly publishes in internationally renowned scientific journals and has extensive teaching experience across the economics curriculum. He is currently teaching macroeconomics at various levels.