Maths for Chemistry: A chemist's toolkit of calculations (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198717324

Paul Monk; Lindsey J. Munro
624 ページ
189 x 246 mm

Mathematical skills and concepts lie at the heart of chemistry, yet they are the aspect of the subject that many students fear the most. Maths for Chemistry recognizes the challenges faced by many students in equipping themselves with the maths skills necessary to gain a full understanding of chemistry. Working from foundational principles, the book builds the student's confidence by leading them through the subject in a steady, progressive way from basic algebra to quantum mathematics. Opening with the core mathematics of algebra, logarithms and trigonometry, the book goes on to cover calculus, matrices, vectors, complex numbers, and laboratory mathematics to cover everything that a chemistry student needs. With its modular structure, the book presents material in short, manageable sections to keep the content as accessible and readily digestible as possible. Maths for Chemistry is the perfect introduction to the essential mathematical concepts which all chemistry students should master.


Section A: Core mathematics: algebra, logarithms and trigonometry
1 The display of numbers
2 Algebra I
3 Algebra II
4 Algebra III
5 Algebra IV
6 Algebra V
7 Algebra VI
8 Algebra VII
9 Powers I
10 Powers II
11 Trigonometry
12 Advanced BODMAS
Section B: Calculus
13 Differentiation I
14 Differentiation II
15 Differentiation III
16 Differentiation IV
17 Differentiation V
18 Differentiation VI
19 Integration I
20 Integration II
21 Integration III
22 Integration IV
Section C: Matrices, vectors and complex numbers
23 Matrices I
24 Matrices II
25 Complex numbers
26 Vectors
Section D: Laboratory mathematics
27 Graphs I
28 Graphs II
29 Graphs III
30 Probability I
31 Probability II
32 Statistics I
33 Statistics II
34 Statistics III
35 Statistics IV
36 Dimensional analysis


Paul Monk, Team Vicar, Medlock Head Parish, Oldham, and formerly Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry: School of Biology, Chemistry and Health Science, Manchester Metropolitan University ; Lindsey J. Munro, School of Biology, Chemistry and Health Science, Manchester Metropolitan University