Headless Relative Clauses in Mesoamerican Languages

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Ivano Caponigro; Harold Torrence; Roberto Zavala Maldonado
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Headless relative clauses have received little attention in the linguistic literature, despite the many morpho-syntactic and semantic puzzles they raise. These clauses have been even more neglected in the study of Mesoamerican languages. Headless Relative Clauses in Mesoamerican Languages constitutes the first in-depth, systematic study of the topic. Spanning fifteen languages from five language families, it is the broadest crosslinguistic study of headless relative clauses yet conducted. For most of these languages there is no previous descriptive or documentary material on wh-constructions in general, let alone headless relative clauses. Many of the languages are threatened or endangered; all are understudied. Each chapter in this volume constitutes an original contribution to typological and theoretical linguistics. The first chapter provides a comprehensive introduction to the varieties of headless relative clauses and their importance to the study of human language, while the other chapters are language-specific and follow a uniform format to facilitate comparisons and generalizations across languages. Through the collective work of a team of twenty-one scholars, Headless Relative Clauses in Mesoamerican Languages presents a clear and systematic introduction to relative and interrogative clauses in Mesoamerican languages.


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Chapter 1. Introducing Headless Relative Clauses and the findings from Mesoamerican languages Ivano Caponigro
Chapter 2. Headless Relative Clauses in Southeastern Tepehuan (O'dam) Gabriela Garcia Salido
Chapter 3. Headless Relative Clauses in Tlaxcala Nahuatl Lucero Flores-Najera
Chapter 4. Headless Relative Clauses in Acazulco Otomi Nestor Hernandez-Green
Chapter 5. Headless Relative Clauses in Matlatzinca Enrique L. Palancar and Leonardo Carranza Martinez
Chapter 6. Headless Relative Clauses in Iliatenco Me'phaa Philip T. Duncan and Harold Torrence
Chapter 7. Headless Relative Clauses in San Pedro Mixtepec Zapotec Pafnuncio Antonio-Ramos
Chapter 8. Headless Relative Clauses in K'iche' Telma Angelina Can Pixabaj
Chapter 9. Headless Relative Clauses in Q'anjob'al Eladio Mateo Toledo
Chapter 10. Headless Relative Clauses in Chuj Justin Royer
Chapter 11. Headless Relative Clauses in Ch'ol Juan Jesus Vazquez Alvarez and Jessica Coon
Chapter 12. Headless Relative Clauses in Tseltalan Gilles Polian and Judith Aissen
Chapter 13. Headless Relative Clauses in Yucatec Maya Scott AnderBois and Miguel Oscar Chan Dzul
Chapter 14. Headless Relative Clauses in Sierra Popoluca Wendy Lopez Marquez
Chapter 15. Headless Relative Clauses in Pesh Claudine Chamoreau
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Ivano Caponigro is Associate Professor of linguistics at the University of California, San Diego. He is interested in formal semantics and its interfaces with syntax and pragmatics across languages. He has conducted extensive crosslinguistic work on relative clauses and wh- clauses, with special emphasis on free relative clauses and other headless relative clauses. Harold Torrence is Associate Professor of linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research focuses on the syntax and morphology of African and Mesoamerican languages. He has worked extensively on wh- questions, relativization, focus, and complementation. Roberto Zavala Maldonado is Professor of linguistics at the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropologia Social (CIESAS) in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. He is interested in Mesoamerican languages, typology, language documentation, syntax, and lexicography. He has conducted extensive research on several; morphosyntactic aspects of Mayan and Mixe-Zoquean languages.