Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: Insights and Innovations (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780190090807

Stacy Landreth Grau
224 ページ
156 x 235 mm

Successful nonprofit marketing can capture the attention of donors, volunteers, legislators, and service consumers. Recognition like this can lead to a successful organization for years to come. The second edition of Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations provides various strategies to build upon when marketing for nonprofit and social impact organizations. Stacy Landreth Grau integrates research-based insights and practice-based innovation with a comprehensive introduction to the basics of marketing for small- and medium-sized organizations. She breaks the academic research into understandable and digestible points within her chapters, making this a great primer for nonprofit professionals and anyone interested in working for or starting a nonprofit. The book provides readers with an indispensable overview of marketing. This new edition highlights new and innovative organizations and how they are using methods new to the field. Grau explains the fundamentals of marketing for nonprofits. It is an ideal resource for courses in both business schools and social work programs, as well as nonprofit managers who are ready to explore new and innovative ways to support their organization. Upon finishing this book, readers will know how to integrate important aspects of marketing into the fabric of an organization's mission, including brand strategy, social media, market research, target audience selection, promotional tactics, and market valuation.


Chapter 1: Nonprofit Marketing
Chapter 2: The Heart of the Organization: The Nonprofit Brand
Chapter 3: Strategic Marketing Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 4: Understanding and Engaging With Your Stakeholders
Chapter 5: Marketing Research for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 6: Products, Services, and Delivery: The Importance of Innovation
Chapter 7: Marketing Communication for Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 8: Marketing Communication Measurement and Evaluation


Stacy Landreth Grau, PhD, is Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Practice in the Neely School of Business and Director of IdeaFactory at Texas Christian University. Grau works with both nonprofit and social-impact organizations to assist in the creation of everything from planning and strategy to developing brand identity. She is co-founder of HCO Lab, which focuses on helping organizations become more focused on becoming a more human-centered organization, and she is the founder for The Social Impact Project, which builds out resources for new social impact organizations in the Tarrant County area. Her research areas include cause-related marketing, nonprofit branding, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship and social impact, design thinking, and innovative social media strategies, and her work has been published in more than 30 articles and two books.