Pediatric Emergencies: A Practical, Clinical Guide

ISBN : 9780190073879

Emily Rose
664 ページ
178 x 254 mm

Pediatric Emergencies comprehensively covers the practical management of pediatric emergencies based on organ systems, with a strong emphasis on clinical relevance. Each chapter explores the background, classic clinical presentation, atypical clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnostic confirmation, treatment, clinical algorithm, disposition, complications, and pitfalls of each topic. Clinical pearls included in each chapter can be used at the bedside, and case examples allow readers to compare and contrast pediatric complaints to adult presentations. More clinically focused than a traditional textbook, and more comprehensive than a typical clinical guide, Pediatric Emergencies is an ideal resource for emergency providers of various backgrounds and training, including emergency physicians, emergency medicine residents, pediatric emergency medicine fellows, pediatricians, and other primary care providers who work in urgent care settings.


1. Common Neonatal Presentations
Kelly D. Young
2. The Crashing Neonate
Thomas M. Kennedy and Ghazala Q. Sharieff
3. Brief Resolved Unexplained Event
Ilene Claudius
4. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Sheryl Yanger
5. Emergent Airway Management in Pediatrics
Kelsey A. Miller and Joshua Nagler
6. Emergency Pediatric Noninvasive Ventilation and Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
Garrett S. Pacheco
7. Neonatal Resuscitation
Anneka Hooft and Seema Shah
8. Pediatric Resuscitation
Matthew Mendes and Taylor McCormick
9. Fever in the Young Infant
Paul Ishimine
10. Evaluation of the Extended Fever
Sharon E. Mace
11. Common Infections in Children
Solomon Behar
12. Pediatric Sepsis
Angelica W. DesPain and Ioannis Koutroulis
13. Selected Infectious Disease Emergencies
Scott Kobner and Emily Rose
14. Vaccine-Preventable Disease
Loren G. Yamamoto
15. Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies
Emily Rose
16. Airway Foreign Bodies
C. Anthoney Lim, Rachel Whitney, and Jeremy M. Rose
17. The Pediatric Chest X-Ray
Loren G. Yamamoto
18. Pediatric Cardiovascular Emergencies
Jerri A. Rose
19. Pediatric Neurovascular Emergencies
Ellen Duncan and Emily Rose
20. Neurologic Emergencies
Molly Hartrich and Emily Rose
21. Fluid and Electrolyte Emergencies
Ameer P. Mody
22. Common Pediatric Dermatologic Conditions
Julie Furmick and Dale Woolridge
23. Dermatologic Emergencies
Erica Kiemele and Emily Rose
24. Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Nicholas M. Orozco and Jessica Lange Osterman
25. Pediatric Burns
Neal Moehrle and Jessica Lange Osterman
26. Wound Care
Shweta R. Iyer and Ee Tein Tay
27. Renal Emergencies in Children
Liza Kearl and Maureen McCollough
28. Pediatric Hematologic Emergencies
Jacquelyn Baskin and Jeranil Nunez
29. Pediatric Oncologic Emergencies
Ara Festekjian
30. Endocrine Emergencies
Davida Hemmy, Henrik Galust, and Katie Bakes
31. Rheumatology
Meghan Maloney and C. Anthoney Lim
32. Pediatric Head Injury: Evaluation and Management Across the Spectrum
James L. Homme
33. Spinal Trauma
Emily MacNeill
34. Pediatric Facial Trauma
Christopher S. Amato
35. Pediatric Neck Trauma
Kim Newton
36. Pediatric Thoraco-Abdominal Trauma
Christopher S. Amato
37. Pediatric Orthopedic Emergencies
Janet Semple-Hess
38. Pediatric Otolaryngology Emergency Management
Ryan H. Belcher and Patrick Munson
39. Ophthalmologic Emergencies
Kate Kaufman
40. Oral and Dental Emergencies
Thomas A. Yamamoto, Nam S. Cho, and F. Kyle Yip
41. Pediatric Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Joshua Easter
42. Male Genitourinary Emergencies
Deborah R. Liu
43. Gynecologic Emergencies
Chisom Agbim and Emily L. Willner
44. Obstetrical Emergencies
Anna McFarlin
45. Emergency Pediatric Vascular Access
Garrett S. Pacheco
46. Pediatric Foreign Bodies: You Stuck What? Where?
Ann M. Dietrich
47. Pediatric Procedures
Meghan R. Cain and Mark S. Mannenbach
48. Procedural Sedation and Pain Management
Rosalia Holzman and Jennifer Mitzman
49. Emergency Care of Children with Medical Complexity
Christian D. Pulcini, Annique Hogan, and Eron Friedlaender
50. Pediatric Ingestions and Toxicologic Exposures
Vincent Calleo and Richard Cantor
51. Drowning
Mark Zhang and Emily Rose
52. Mental Health Emergencies
Genevieve Santillanes and Shilpa Agraharkar
53. Child Physical Abuse
Rhiannon Main, Laura Jacobson, Amy Young Snodgras, and Tim Young
54. Medical Legal Aspects: Assessment and Treatment of Minors in the Emergency Department
Madeline Joseph


Dr. Emily Rose is the Director for Pre-Health Undergraduate Studies and the Director of the Minor in Health Care Studies at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. She trained in Emergency Medicine and was chief resident at Los Angeles County/ USC Medical Center and then completed a Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship at Loma Linda University. She has been Emergency Medicine faculty at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center since 2010 where she continues to care for both sick/injured children and adults.