The Oxford Handbook of Modern Greek Politics

ISBN : 9780198825104

Kevin Featherstone; Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos
720 ページ
171 x 246 mm
Oxford Handbooks

The Oxford Handbook of Modern Greek Politics is a major new contribution to the study of contemporary European and Greek politics. This edited volume contains 43 chapters written by Greek and foreign academics foremost in their field. After an introductory section, offering a frame of analysis, the volume includes sections on political institutions, traditions and party families, political and social interest groups, policy-making and policy sectors, external relations, and Greece's most important political leaders of the period between the 1974 transition to democracy and today. It will be an invaluable reference for scholars, new and established, as well as for the informed reader around the world. This work offers the most comprehensive approach to the subject to this day. Drawing on data and analysis previously available only in national sources (Greek books, articles, and other primary and secondary sources), in combination with international data, it allows international scholars of politics, international relations, society, and economy to integrate the case of Greece in their own projects; and facilitates the search of any informed reader who seeks a reliable, updated source on Modern Greece.


1 Kevin Featherstone: Introduction: Identifying Greece
Section 1: The Frame
2 Stathis N. Kalyvas: The Developmental Trajectory of the Greek State
3 Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos: State-Society Relations in Greece
4 George Pagoulatos: State-Market Relations
5 Kevin Featherstone and Dimitris Papadimitriou: The Politics of Europeanisation
6 Paschalis M. Kitromilides: Church, State, and Hellenism
Section 2: Political Institutions
7 Nicos C. Alivizatos: Greek Constitutionalism and Patterns of Government
8 Michael Ioannidis: The Judiciary
9 Kevin Featherstone and Dimitris Papadimitriou: The Prime Minister and the Core Executive
10 George Gerapetritis: The Parliament
11 Calliope Spanou: Public Administration
12 Nikolaos-Komninos Hlepas: Local Government and Regional Administration
13 Elias Dinas: The Electoral System
14 Yannis Tsirbas: The Party System
Section 3: Political Traditions
15 Vassiliki Georgiadou: The Far Right
16 Manolis Alexakis: The Conservatives
17 Sotiris Rizas: The Centre
18 Christos Lyrintzis: The Socialists
19 Yiannos Katsourides: The Radical Left
20 Giorgos Charalambous: The Communists
Section 4: Political and Social Interests
21 Sofia Vasilopoulou and Daphne Halikiopoulou: Political Culture
22 Asteris Huliaras: Civil Society
23 Marilena Simiti: Social Movements
24 Stella Zambarloukou: Interest Group Politics
25 Spyros Kosmidis: Voting Behaviour
26 Stelios Papathanassopoulos: The Media
27 George Kassimeris: Terrorism
Section 5: Policy-Making
28 Stella Ladi: Government Policy Making
29 Tassos Giannitsis: The State and Economic Development
30 Vassilis T. Rapanos and Georgia Kaplanoglou: The Politics of the Public Finances
31 Platon Tinios: Pensions in the Greek Political Economy
32 Maria Petmesidou: Health Policy and Politics
33 Manos Matsaganis: Poverty and the Social Safety Net
34 Theofanis Exadaktylos: Education
35 Anna Triandafyllidou: Migration in Greece
Section 6: External Relations
36 Thanos Dokos: Defence and Security Policy
37 Loukas Tsoukalis: Greece and the European Union
38 Spyros Economides: Greek Foreign Policy since the Metapolitefsi
39 Ioannis N. Grigoriadis: Greek-Turkish Relations
Section 7: Leaders
40 Evanthis Hatzivassiliou: Constantine Karamanlis
41 Andreas Pantazopoulos: Andreas Papandreou
42 P. Nikiforos Diamandouros: Costas Simitis
43 Myrto Tsakatika: Alexis Tsipras


Kevin Featherstone is Eleftherios Venizelos Professor of Contemporary Greek Studies and Professor of European Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the long-term Director of the Hellenic Observatory. His publications include Prime Ministers in Greece: The Paradox of Power (with Dimitris Papadimitrou, OUP, 2015) and The Politics of Europeanization (edited with Claudio Radaelli, OUP, 2003).; Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos is Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He also serves as Senior Research Fellow of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy Studies (ELIAMEP, Athens) and Research Associate of the Hellenic Observatory at the London School of Economics. His publications include The State and Democracy in the New Southern Europe (edited with Richard Gunther and P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, OU, 2006).