Write Ways (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780190318574

Lesley Wing Jan; Susan Taylor
352 ページ
190 x 245 mm

Effective writers use their knowledge of writing purposes, text structures and language features, and adapt these to create innovative and powerful texts that engage the reader and meet the writer's purpose. Write Ways is designed as teacher resource that can be drawn on for content and can be used in creative, timely and differentiated ways in whole class, small group or individual teaching contexts. It provides information that teachers can draw on when observing their students and their writing; assessing their progress; providing timely and explicit feedback, and planning focused teaching and learning sequences so that students develop as thoughtful, competent and engaged writers. This fifth edition includes links with the AC:E as well as an increased focus on grammar multiliteracies, literacy practices and teaching focuses at whole text, paragraph, clause, sentence, word group and word level. Chapters 1 to 2 describe program planning and teaching practices that underpin a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning about these purposes and text types. Chapters 3 to 6 describe the theory, reading and writing process, and how to use texts. Chapters 7 to 17 describe in more detail some of the text types for specific purposes. Chapters also include teaching sequences that demonstrate ways of making explicit the links between reading and writing. These sequences, along with the genre-specific assessment checklists that follow them, are available for download in classroom-friendly format.


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Sample Units
Part 1: Preparation
Chapter 1: Program Planning
Chapter 2: Assessment Procedures and Record Keeping
Part 2: Literacy
Chapter 3: Literacy, Language and Learning
Chapter 4: Texts
Chapter 5: Using texts in meaningful contexts
Chapter 6: The Reading and Writing Process
Part 3: Text Types
Chapter 7: Informative Texts
Chapter 8: Information Reports
Chapter 9: Procedural Texts
Chapter 10: Explanations
Chapter 11: Recounts
Chapter 12: Transactional Texts
Chapter 13: Persuasive Texts
Chapter 14: Imaginative Texts
Chapter 15: Narratives
Chapter 16: Information Narratives
Chapter 17: Poetry


Lesley Wing Jan is a retired independent educational consultant who has taught at all levels of primary school and in tertiary settings.; Susan Taylor has worked as a primary school teacher for twenty-five years and is currently job-sharing a Year 1 class in a public primary school in Sydney. Additionally, she also facilitates tutorials and lectures at Macquarie University for pre-service early childhood, primary and high school teachers. Language, literacy and literature are her specialty subjects. Susan has a Masters Degree in Children's Literature as well as a Diploma in Book Editing and Publishing. Susan has been the author for a series of textbooks for primary students in the Key Learning Area of English.