Africa 2050: Realizing the Continent's Full Potential

ISBN : 9780199450404

Theodore H. Ahlers; Hiroshi Kato; Harinder S. Kohli; Callisto Madavo; Anil Sood
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Africa is at a critical inflection point. After decades of disappointing performance a combination of sound macro policies and a commodity price bonanza has led to a dramatic and long overdue surge in African growth rates and concomitant improvement in social indicators. This impressive performance has now created its own challenge for African leadership-the heightened aspirations of their own people and the expectation of the world at large. And responding to this challenge will definitely require more than staying the course-more of the same will not work. It will require bold and tenacious pursuit of multifaceted policies and initiatives that will call for intellectual integrity and single?minded determination combined with political courage at home and statesmanship abroad. It is in this context that the experience of the other emerging markets economies may provide pointers as African leaders grapple with the complex multidimensional issues of not just maintaining but accelerating economic growth, prosperity and well?being of their populace. To set the stage for defining the opportunities and the promise that can lie ahead, this report sets out alternative scenarios of what the outcomes could be but not predictions of what they will be. This study also outlines a framework and action agenda that can deliver Africa's promise.


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Part 1
1. A 2050 Vision to Meet African Aspirations
2. Historical Perspective and Drivers of Future Change
3. Action Agenda - Jobs for People, Economies, and the Continent
4. Better Governance to Deliver Results
Part II: People, Economies, and the Continent
Section A: Prosperous People and Cohesive Societies - Jobs to Transform Lives
5. Accelerating the Demographic Transition
6. Eliminating Fragility and Conflict
7. Ensuring Equity and Inclusion
8. Breaking the Human Capital Barrier
Section B: Diverse, Competitive Economies-Private Investments to Create Jobs
9. Maintaining Macroeconomic Stability and Increasing Resilience
10. Enhancing Growth, Competitiveness, and Job Creation
11. Transforming African Agriculture
12. Harnessing Natural Resources for Diversification
13. Managing Urbanization for Growth
Section C: Integrated Continent- Bigger Markets to Foster Investment and Higher Productivity Jobs
14. : Enhancing Regional Cooperation and Integration on the Continent
15. Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change
16. Repositioning Africa in the World
Annex 1: Commodity Terms of Trade in Africa: A Fragile Blessing
Annex 2: Model of Global Economy
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Theodore Ahlers, Senior Associate at the Emerging Market Forum. Hiroshi Kato, Vice President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Director of the JICA Research Institute. Harinder S Kohli, Founding Director and Chief Executive of Emerging Markets Forum as well as Founding Director, President & CEO of Centennial Group International both based in Washington D C. Callisto Madavo, Has been a visiting professor in the African Studies Program in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Anil Sood, Principal at Centennial Group International.