You and Your Child's Psychotherapy: The Essential Guide for Parents and Caregivers

ISBN : 9780199391455

Michael Weiner; Les Gallo-Silver
304 ページ
147 x 210 mm

Many resources exist for helping parents find and select a psychotherapist for their child. However, when a child is recommended for therapy, parents are often left with little information beyond the initial referral. Parents who are unfamiliar with psychotherapy might be confused how to proceed , or be wary of therapy stereotypes. You and Your Child's Psychotherapy demystifies the way therapy works, helping parents enter the process as a partner, and give their child and family the best chance for success. Weiner and Gallo-Silver guide parents through the entire therapy process, emphasizing their vital role in the child's psychotherapy and how they can contribute to the success of their child's treatment. With the end goal of creating a partnership between parents and therapists, You and Your Child's Psychotherapy provides a practical and easy-to-follow roadmap to the process of therapy, helping parents become more involved, and teaching them what to expect. This book is empowering for all parents, guardians, and primary caregivers across diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


Introduction: A Framework and Rationale for this Book
Chapter 1 A Holistic Perspective of Child Psychotherapy
Chapter 2 Systems-Based Approach to Child Psychotherapy - Working Together
Chapter 3 Seeking Out A Child Psychotherapist
Chapter 4 The First Session - Consultation and Intake Meetings
Chapter 5 Taking The Next Steps - Moving Forward
Chapter 6 Types and Forms of Child Psychotherapy
Chapter 7 Child Diagnosis
Chapter 8 Engagement: The Framing of Child Psychotherapy
Chapter 9 Treatment Planning
Chapter 10 Parallel Process of Child Psychotherapy
Chapter 11 Contributing to Your Child's Psychotherapy
Chapter 12 The Work of Child Psychotherapy
Chapter 13 Hurdles, Obstacles, and Snags
Chapter 14 Supporting Child Psychotherapy
Chapter 15 Higher Level of Care: When You and Your Child Need More
Chapter 16 Separation and Consolidation: Saying Good-Bye to Your Child's Psychotherapist
Appendix A: Case Studies
Appendix B: Recommended Readings
Appendix C: State-by-State Child Mental Health Services Contact


Michael Weiner, MSW, LCSW, is an Early Childhood Education Consultant in New York City, where he also maintains a private practice focusing on child & adolescent therapy. Weiner is also an Adjunct Professor, Human Sciences at LaGuardia Community College and a Staff Psychotherapist at the Karen Horney Clinic.; Les Gallo-Silver, MSW, LCSW-R, ACSW, is Associate Professor and Program Director, Human Sciences, LaGuardia Community College.