Swimming Upstream: Parenting Girls for Resilience in a Toxic Culture

ISBN : 9780199391134

Laura Choate
304 ページ
158 x 237 mm

A guide to help parents teach their daughters to resist negative cultural messages. Never before have adolescent girls faced so many confusing and contradictory expectations. From a young age, popular culture teaches girls that their worth is based on their appearance, their ability to gain attention, and an ever-increasing accrual of accomplishments. With such unattainable standards, it is no wonder that many girls experience stress, self-doubt, and even mental health problems. Girls struggle to develop an authentic sense of self, even as they attempt to meet a set of impossible cultural expectations. Many parents feel helpless against the onslaught of negative influences targeting their daughters, but in Swimming Upstream: Parenting Girls for Resilience in a Toxic Culture, Laura Choate offers a message of reassurance. This book provides parents with a set of straightforward tools they can use to help their daughters navigate the trials and demands of contemporary girlhood. Choate draws upon years of research and counseling literature to teach parents how to instill the power of resilience in their daughters, including developing a positive body image, maintaining healthy relationships with friends and romantic partners, and navigating high-pressure academic environments. Based on cutting-edge research, this book contains the strategies that parents need to prepare their daughters with the life skills they need to resist destructive cultural influences. Though the journey through modern girlhood may be complicated - and even treacherous - this guide offers a user-friendly way for parents to help their daughters thrive in the midst of the negative pressures of modern culture. Practical and engaging, Swimming Upstream is a must-read for parents of girls of all ages.


Part I: Taking a Tour of Girl World
Chapter One: Appearance, Attention, Accomplishments: Toxic Cultural Expectations for Girls
Chapter Two: Girls in Transition: Who Am I?
Chapter Three: Vulnerable Girls: Common Mental Health Problems in Girls
Part II: Parenting for Resilience
Chapter Four: Resilience Dimension One: Parenting from Your Inner Core
Chapter Five: Resilience Dimension Two: Developing Positive Body Image
Chapter Six: Resilience Dimension Three: Cultivating Healthy Relationships
Chapter Seven: Resilience Dimension Four: Keeping Success in Perspective
Chapter Eight: Resilience Dimension Five: Charting My Life Course
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Laura Hensley Choate, EdD, LPC, is Associate Professor of Counselor Education, Louisiana State University and maintains a private clinical practice with a specialty in working with teens and families. Choate was awarded the 2013 Best Practices Award by the American Counseling Association and is a former editor of the Journal of College Counseling.