Aristotle's Metaphysics Alpha: Symposium Aristotelicum

ISBN : 9780198744177

Carlos Steel
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The volumes of the 'Symposium Aristotelicum' have become the obligatory reference works for all studies on Aristotle. In this eighteenth volume a distinguished group of scholars offers a chapter-by-chapter study of the first book of Aristotle's Metaphysics. Aristotle presents here his philosophical project as a search for wisdom, which is found in the knowledge of the first principles allowing us to explain whatever exists. As he shows, the earlier philosophers had been seeking such a wisdom, though they had divergent views on what these first principles were. Before Aristotle sets out his own views, he offers a critical examination of his predecessors' views, ending up with a lengthy discussion of Plato's doctrine of the Forms. Book Alpha is not just a fundamental text for reconstructing the early history of Greek philosophy; it sets the agenda for Aristotle's own project of wisdom after what he had learned from his predecessors.


List Of Participants ESSAYS 1: Giuseppe Cambiano: The Desire to Know (Metaphysics A 1) 2: Sarah Broadie: A Science of First Principles (Metaphysics A 2) 3: Rachel Barney: History and Dialectic (Metaphysics A 3, 983a24-4b8) 4: Gabor Betegh: 'The Next Principle' (Metaphysics A 3-4, 984b8-985b22) 5: Malcolm Schofield: Pythagoreanism: emerging from the Presocratic fog (Metaphysics A 5) 6: Carlos Steel: Plato as seen by Aristotle (Metaphysics A 6) 7: Stephen Menn: Critique of Earlier Philosophers on the Good and the Causes (Metaphysics A 7-A 8 989a18) 8: Oliver Primavesi: Second thoughts on some Presocratics (Metaphysics A 8, 989a18-990a32) 9: Dorothea Frede: The Doctrine of Forms under Critique (Metaphysics A 9, 990a33-991b9) 10: Michel Crubellier: The Doctrine of Forms under Critique (Metaphysics A 9, 991b9 - 993a10) 11: John M. Cooper: Conclusion - and Retrospect (Metaphysics A 10) Bibliography EDITION Oliver Primavesi: A Revised Text of Metaphysics Oliver Primavesi: Text of Metaphysics INDEXES Index locorum Index of Modern Names Subject Index


Carlos Steel is emeritus Professor for ancient and medieval philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Leuven and director of the international project 'Aristoteles Latinus'. Steel has devoted most of his research to the study of the Platonic tradition from late antiquity to Ficino with a particular emphasis on the philosophy of Proclus. He is the editor of Proclus' commentary on the Parmendes in Oxford Classical Studies and different volumes in the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle series