The Poetry of Antonio Machado: Changing the Landscape

ISBN : 9780198736806

Xon de Ros
304 ページ
147 x 222 mm

This study offers a reappraisal of the contribution of the poet Antonio Machado to Modernism, seeking to open up new perspectives for the interpretation of his poetry, and includes for the first time a comparative analysis of Machado's translators into English. While the book is attentive to areas of recent critical debate, the argument keeps Machado's poems to the fore, with new detailed readings of many of his most significant poems. The reader will find that the structure of this book also allows for a separate exploration of each of Machado's main poetic tendencies. One associated with the Symbolist poetics is considered in Chapter I dealing with those early poems where the sound of water acquires a rich symbolic meaning. An emphasis on the visual imagination is more prevalent in the material studied in chapters II and III with a focus on the natural landscape, while the more conceptual and intellectual strand occupies Chapter IV. Every individual chapter begins with a brief introduction to the theoretical ground related to the specific discussion (on gender, space-place, the sublime, and translation, respectively), and a survey of the cultural discourses which situate the material under analysis in the original historical contexts.


Introduction: A Different Landscape
I. The Gendered Landscape
II. The Natural Landscape
III. The Sublime Landscape
IV. The Landscape of the Mind
Afterword: Machado's Lives


Xon De Ros studied for her BA at the University of Barcelona and her DPhil in Oxford. From 1999 to 2006 she was Senior Lecturer at King's College London. Since 2006 she has taught Spanish literature at the University of Oxford where she is Tutorial Fellow in Spanish at Lady Margaret Hall and Somerville College. Her areas of research are Spanish Modernism, with a particular interest in the interrelations between poetry and the visual arts. She has also published on women's studies painting and Spanish cinema.