Fibromyalgia Syndrome (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198723233

Ernest Choy
80 ページ
137 x 196 mm
Oxford Rheumatology Library

Part of the Oxford Rheumatology Library, the second edition of Fibromyalgia Syndrome provides a succinct and practical guide to help rheumatologists and general practitioners diagnose and manage patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. The emphasis throughout is on tailoring treatment to the individual patient, and considering a combination of education, non-pharmacological, and pharmacological treatments. This comprehensive approach improves symptoms and quality of life in all those treated for FMS, benefiting not only patients but also healthcare providers and society. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) afflicts 2-5% of the population, more commonly females than males. It is characterised by chronic widespread pain, although fatigue, sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, stiffness, and cognitive dysfunction are also common. National and international societies recognise the healthcare burden of FMS, and published recommendations and guidelines emphasise the importance of a positive diagnosis and management strategy to empower patients to cope with FMS. Now updated with new ACR criteria and additional international guidelines on the management of the syndrome, this pocketbook provides the reader with an essential understanding of the pathophysiology of pain in fibromyalgia, the different subtypes of fibromyalgia, and the pitfalls in diagnosis and management of this chronic condition.


1. How to diagnose fibromyalgia syndrome
2. Epidemiology and healthcare burden of fibromyalgia syndrome
3. Pathophysiology in fibromyalgia syndrome
4. Assessing fibromyalgia syndrome
5. Management of fibromyalgia syndrome
6. Quick practical guides
7. Case studies


Ernest Choy is Professor of Rheumatology at the Cardiff Institute of Infection & Immunity. He has a major research interest in experimental medicine and clinical trial design in rheumatic diseases, and has conducted many proof-of-concept, first in human clinical trials in inflammatory arthritis. Professor Choy has served as Chief Investigators of many clinical trials which have been funded by Medical Research Council, Arthritis Research UK, NIHR Health Technology Assessment, Arthritis Research UK and pharmaceutical companies. He is also interested in improving the assessment of disease by developing better outcome measures. He has served as chair to a number of working groups in the Outcome Measures for Rheumatology organisation.