Third Party Litigation Funding

ISBN : 9780198715924

Nick Rowles-Davies
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183 x 254 mm

The use of third-party funding in the UK has been increasing and has moved into the mainstream as a funding option for clients involved in litigation, particularly following on from the positive endorsement of litigation funding by Lord Justice Jackson in his Review of Civil Litigation Costs where he said: 'I remain of the view that, in principle, third-party funding is beneficial and should be supported.'. This has now culminated in the formation of the Association of Litigation Funders to monitor compliance and the launch of the Code of Conduct for those funding in England and Wales. This practical guide to litigation funding provides the first comprehensive one-stop third-party funding reference to help practitioners in preparation for seeking funding and in their decision making. It examines the impact of the Jackson Reforms and Damages Based Agreements as well as the Code of Conduct and the Association of Litigation Funders. It would also include practical examples and a review of notable cases, including the important decisions of Gulf Azov Shipping, Arkin, London & Regional and Merchantbridge and their impact on funders, solicitors, and clients.


1. Introduction and background
2. History and development including legitimacy and restrictions
3. Use of funding including a look at the international landscape
4. Funder models
5. The Funding Process
6. Costs and Insurance
7. The Jackson Reforms and advent of DBAs
8. Group Litigation
9. Professional Obligations
10. Funding and the Future


Nick Rowles-Davies is a leading figure in the litigation funding world. He is admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales, the British Virgin Islands and is an accredited mediator. He has a wide range of experience in commercial and civil litigation issues and in private practice specialised in complex, high value matters that led to his involvement in a number of reported cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal, and House of Lords. He speaks regularly on costs and third party litigation funding. ; Jeremy Cousins QC, practices in commercial, commercial chancery, professional negligence, and property litigation and is continuously instructed in high-profile and/or high-value cases in these areas. He is well known for his particular expertise in banking and banking related disputes. In 2007 he was appointed to sit as a Deputy High Court Judge in QBD and Chancery matters.