Healthcare public health: Improving health services through population science

ISBN : 9780198837206

Martin Gulliford; Edmund Jessop
240 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Healthcare public health is concerned with the application of population sciences to the design, organisation, and delivery of healthcare services, with the ultimate aim of improving population health. This book provides an introduction to the methods and subject matter of healthcare public health, bringing together coverage of all the key areas in a single volume. Topics include healthcare needs assessment; access to healthcare; knowledge management; ethical issues; involving patients and the public; population screening; health promotion and disease prevention; new service model; programme budgeting and preparing a business case; evaluation and outcomes; patient safety, and implementation and improvement sciences; and healthcare in remote and resource-poor regions. Drawing on international as well as national perspectives, this volume will be relevant wherever healthcare is delivered. It will enable students, researchers, academics, practitioners, and policy-makers to contribute to the goals of designing and delivering health services that improve population health, reduce inequalities, and meet the needs of individuals and communities.


1 Martin Gulliford and Edmund Jessop: Population healthcare and healthcare public health: An introduction
2 Rodrigo Tobias, Julio Cesar Schweickardt, and Matthew Harris: Access to healthcare in the remote and resource-poor region of the Brazilian Amazon
3 Bo Burstrom: Promoting equity through health services
4 Christopher McKevitt, Nina Fudge, and Clemence Pinel: Involving patients and publics in healthcare
5 A.M. Viens: Populations, values, and health: Ethical implications of population healthcare
6 Andrew O'Shaughnessy and John Wright: Healthcare needs assessment
7 Martin Gulliford: Access to healthcare
8 Aoife Molloy: Knowledge management: Evidence into guidance
9 Hugh Alderwick, Jennifer Dixon, and Jo Bibby: Health care redesign and population health
10 Eira Winrow & Rhiannon Tudor Edwards: Programme budgeting and marginal analysis, and developing a business case for a new service
11 Edmund Jessop: Evaluating healthcare systems and services
12 Stephanie Russ and Nick Sevdalis: Perspectives on healthcare quality and safety
13 Jenifer Smith and James Mapstone: Health services for health promotion and disease prevention
14 Allison Streetly and Nehmat Houssami: Population screening
15 Martin Gulliford, Edmund Jessop, and Lucy Yardley: Digital healthcare public health
16 Edmund Jessop: Healthcare public health in disasters and emergencies
17 Edmund Jessop and Martin Gulliford: Concluding remarks


Martin Gulliford is Professor of Public Health in the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences at King's College London. He qualified in medicine from the University of Cambridge and University College Hospital, London and trained in public health and health services research at Guy's and St Thomas' Medical Schools, London. He has worked in the National Health Service in England and spent time in teaching and research in Trinidad. Martin's current research focuses on epidemiology as applied to public health and health services research. He co-edited the Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health and is author of many research publications.; Edmund Jessop worked for the NHS in England from 1979 to 2018. He qualified in medicine at Oxford University and trained in community medicine in the north of England. He was Director of Public Health in West Surrey for seven years and from 2002 onwards worked at national level in England with the national specialist commissioning team. He has extensive teaching experience and was co-editor of the Journal of Public Health from 1998 - 2007.