Emergencies in Clinical Medicine (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198779117

Piers Page; Asif Shah; Greg Skinner; Alan Weir; Natasha Eagles
424 ページ
100 x 180 mm
Emergencies in...

Acutely unwell patients can deteriorate dangerously without timely recognition and intervention. Emergencies in Clinical Medicine provides an easy-to-use guide to the prompt management of common medical emergencies. Designed for rapid use, it explains how to arrive at a differential diagnosis and how to prevent, manage, or treat an emergency. The second edition has been fully updated to reflect current clinical guidelines and includes several new topics, from pulmonary oedemas to the overdose patient. Revised to cover the curricula for core medical training (CMT) and acute care common stem (ACS), this text addresses exactly what the trainee doctor needs to know. The text covers emergencies from both a problem-based and disease-based approach. Cross-referencing between these two sections enables quick reference under pressure, with clear, step-by-step instructions and advice on when and who to call for help. With key algorithms for quick reference and easy to follow symbols indicating clinical severity, from life-threatening to minor, this text will help clinical staff managing acutely ill patients in an easy-to-read and portable format.


1 Ben Skinner, John Page, Alan Weir, Piers Page: The basics
2 Upsana Tayal, Simon Patel , Geri Keane, Adam Stannard, Mark Garside, Will Sedley, Ben Skinner, Jim Shawcross, Alan Weir, Erin Hurst, Jenny Koo Ng, Anna Gruener, Caroline Page, Asif Shah, Natasha Eagles, Bojidar Goranov, Piers Page, Rachel Pearson, Chris Crome: Presentations
3 Upsana Tayal: Cardiology
4 Rebecca Taylor: Respiratory
5 Jonathan Schofield:: Endocrine
6 Geri Keane: Gastoenterology
7 Jenny Koo and Jim Shawcross: Renal and urology
8 Erin Hurst, Bojidar Goranov, and Will Sedley: Haematology and Oncology
9 Will Sedley: Neurology and neurosurgery
10 Piers Page, Chris Crome, Rachel Pearson, Seth Makin: Musculoskeletal medicine and dermatology
11 Matt Thomas, Elizabeth Ward: Surgery
12 Will Coles: Clinical biochemistry / drug toxicity


Piers Page is currently a Specialty Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at Worthing General Hospital. After undergoing officer training, he spent time researching the outcome of mild traumatic brain injury and has subsequently authored and co-authored papers and book chapters in the fields of trauma and orthopaedics and military surgery. ; Dr Asif Shah qualified from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and is a Consultant in Respiratory Medicine currently based at South Tyneside District Hospital in the North East of England. Dr Shah is dual accredited in Respiratory Medicine and General Internal Medicine, and continues to provide inpatient care to respiratory and general medical patients, including working on the acute medical take. ; Greg Skinner is currently a consultant paediatric cardiologist at East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre.; Major Alan Weir is a Military Emergency Medicine Trainee currently training in the Wessex Region. He graduated from the Medical Schools of St Andrews and Manchester Universities. He initially undertook Surgical training prior to commencing training in Emergency Medicine. As a Military Doctor he has seen Service in a variety of locations, including Afghanistan. He holds an interest in Military Emergency Medicine and trauma management; Medical Education; and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Medicine. He has completed the postgraduate Diploma in Medical Toxicology from Cardiff University and plans to undertake a higher research degree in this field of study in the future.; Miss Natasha Eagles is an Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar at University College London Hospital.