The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion

ISBN : 9780198858058

Timothy Insoll
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The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion provides a comprehensive overview by period and region of the relevant archaeological material in relation to theory, methodology, definition, and practice. Although, as the title indicates, the focus is upon archaeological investigations of ritual and religion, by necessity ideas and evidence from other disciplines are also included, among them anthropology, ethnography, religious studies, and history. The Handbook covers a global span-Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, and the Americas-and reaches from the earliest prehistory (the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic) to modern times. In addition, chapters focus upon relevant themes, ranging from landscape to death, from taboo to water, from gender to rites of passage, from ritual to fasting and feasting. Written by over sixty specialists, renowned in their respective fields, the Handbook presents the very best in current scholarship, and will serve both as a comprehensive introduction to its subject and as a stimulus to further research.


Timothy Insoll: Introduction: Ritual and Religion in Archaeological Perspective
I. Elements and Expression
1 Chris Scarre: Monumentality
2 Randi Haaland & Gunnar Haaland: Landscape
3 Terje Oestigard: Water
4 Anders Kaliff: Fire
5 Amy Gazin-Schwartz: Myth and Folklore
6 Terje Oestigard: Cosmogony
7 Tim Taylor: Death
8 Nicky Milner: Taboo
9 Marc Verhoeven: The Many Dimensions of Ritual
10 Chris Fowler: Personhood and the Body
11 Timothy Insoll: Sacrifice
12 Randall McGuire & Reinhard Bernbeck: Ideology
13 Michael Dietler: Feasting and Fasting
14 Sarah Milledge Nelson: Gender and Religion in Archaeology
15 Yannis Hamilakis: Archaeologies of the Senses
16 Timothy Clack: Syncretism and Religious Fusion
17 Olivier P. Gosselain: Technology
18 Paul Garwood: Rites of Passage
19 Zoe Crossland: The Archaeology of Contemporary Conflict
20 David S. Whitley: Rock Art, Religion and Ritual
II. Prehistoric European Ritual and Religion
21 Paul Pettitt: Religion and Ritual in the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic
22 Paul Bahn: Religion and Ritual in the Upper Palaeolithic
23 Chantal Conneller: The Mesolithic
24 Julian Thomas: Ritual and Religion in the Neolithic
25 Joanna Bruck: Fire, Earth, Water: An Elemental Cosmography of the European Bronze Age
26 Jody Joy: The Iron Age
III. Religion and Ritual in World Prehistory
27 Timothy Insoll: Sub-Saharan Africa
28 Lukas Nickel: The Prehistory of Religion in China
29 Simon Kaner: The Archaeology of Religion and Ritual in the Prehistoric Japanese Archipelago
30 Charles Higham: Ritual and Religion in Southeast Asia
31 Bruno David: Historicising Cosmologies in Australia and Papua New Guinea (Historicising Cosmologies in Australia and Papua New Guinea
32 Paul Rainbird: Pacific and New Zealand
33 Peter Roe: Walking Upside-Down and Backwards: Art and Religion in the Ancient Caribbean
34 Rosemary Joyce: Recognizing Religion in Mesoamerican Archaeology: Maya
35 Michael E. Smith: Aztecs
36 Kevin Lane: Inca
37 Jeffrey Quilter: Moche Religion
38 Kelley Hays-Gilpin: North America: Pueblos
39 James Vernon Knight: North America: Eastern Woodlands
40 Roy L. Carlson: The North American Northwest Coast Religious System: Coastal Northwest
41 Brian Robinson: Ritual and Archaeological Visibility in the Far Northeast of North America
IV. Religion and Cult of the Old World
42 Colin Renfrew: Prehistoric Religions in the Aegean
43 Julia Kindt: Ancient Greece
44 Tom Rasmussen: Etruscan Ritual and Religion
45 Anna Stevens: Egypt
46 Richard Hingley: Rome: Imperial and Local Religions
47 Caroline Malone & Simon Stoddart: Maltese Prehistoric Religion
48 Michael J. Seymour: Mesopotamia
49 Marc Verhoeven: Retrieving the Supernatural: Ritual and Religion in the Prehistoric Levant
50 Daniel Potts: Iran
51 Karina Croucher: Anatolia
52 Anders Andren: Old Norse and Germanic Religion
53 Martin Welch: Pre-Christian Practices in the Anglo-Saxon World
54 Tonno Jonuks: The Archaeology of Baltic Religions
V. Archaeology of World Religions
55 Aaron A. Burke: The Archaeology of Ritual and Religion in Ancient Israel and the Levant, and the Origins of Judaism
56 James F. Strange: The Archaeology of Judaism from the Persian Period to the Sixth Century AD
57 Namita Sugandhi & Kathleen Morrison: Archaeology of Hinduism
58 Robin Coningham: Buddhism
59 Sam Turner: Christianity
60 Andrew Petersen: Islam
VI. Archaeology of Indigenous and New Religions
61 Neil Price: Shamanism
62 Timothy Insoll: Animism and Totemism
63 Jenny Blain: Neo-Shamanism: Pagan and 'Neo-Shamanic' Interactions with Archaeology
64 Aleks Pluskowski: Druidism and Neo-Paganism
65 Timothy Insoll: Ancestor Cults
66 Pierre de Maret: Divine Kings


Timothy Insoll is Al-Qasimi Professor of African and Islamic Archaeology in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. Educated at the Universities of Sheffield and Cambridge, he was a Research Fellow at St John's College, Cambridge from 1995 until 1998, when he was appointed Lecturer at the University of Manchester. After becoming a Reader in 2004 and being awarded a personal chair in 2005 he moved to the University of Exeter in 2016. He is the author or editor of 16 books, three special journal issues, and numerous articles and reviews on a wide range of research topics across the discipline of archaeology, and has completed fieldwork in Mali, Ghana, western India, Bahrain, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Uganda.