The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics

ISBN : 9780198825098

Michael Keating
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The Handbook of Scottish Politics provides a detailed overview of politics in Scotland, looking at areas such as elections and electoral behaviour, public policy, political parties, and Scotland's relationship with the EU and the wider world. The contributors to this volume are some of the leading experts on politics in Scotland.


1 Michael Keating: Scotland as a Political Community
Part 1 - Understanding Scotland
2 David McCrone: Nationality and National Identity
3 Alvin Jackson: The Scottish Union in Historic Perspective
4 Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay: Women, Gender and Politics in Scotland
5 Iain MacLeod and Jan Eichhorn: Youth Politics in Scotland. Participation and Inclusion
6 Ross Bond: Multicultural Scotland
7 Iain McLean: Understanding the Union
8 Alan Page: The Scottish constitution
9 Philip Schlesinger: Scotland's dual public sphere and the media
10 Scott Hames: Twin Tracks: Cultural and Political Nationalism after 1967
Part 2 - Parties and Elections
11 James Mitchell and Ailsa Henderson: Elections and Electoral Systems
12 Ailsa Henderson, Rob Johns, Christopher Carman and James Mitchell: Political Behaviour in Scotland
13 Alan Convery: The Scottish Conservative Party
14 Gerry Hassan and Eric Shaw: The Scottish Labour Party
15 Lynn Bennie and Craig McAngus: The Scottish National Party
16 Alistair Clark: Smaller Parties
17 Graham Walker: Religion and Political Parties
18 Emma Hill and Nasar Meer: Ethnic minorities and political citizenship in Scotland
19 Antje Brown: Green Politics
Part 3 - Institutions and the Policy Process
20 Malcolm Harvey: Devolution
21 Richard Parry: The Civil Service and Government Structures
22 John Connolly and Robert Pyper: The Leadership and Management of Public Services Reform in Scotland
23 Iain MacLeod and Darren Halpin: Interest Groups and Policy Communities
24 Michael Rosie: Religion, Policy and Politics
25 Paul Cairney: The 'Scottish Approach to Policy Making'
26 Emily St. Denny: The Scottish Parliament
27 Michael Keating, Paul Cairney and Stefano Intropido: The Political Class in Scotland
28 David Heald: The Politics of Scotland's Public Finances
Part 4 - Multilevel Politics
29 Neil McGarvey: Local Government
30 Jim Gallagher: Intergovernmental Relations: two decades of cooperation, competition and constitutional change
31 Adam Evans: Scotland at Westminster
32 Peter Lynch: Scotland International: Understanding Scotland's International Relations
33 Kirsty Hughes: Scotland and Europe
34 Coree Brown Swan: The Independence Question
35 Michael Keating and Nicola McEwen: The Independence Referendum of 2014: Issues and Outcome
Part 5 - Whither Scotland?
36 Neal Ascherson: The State of Scotland
37 Ali M Ansari: Scotland, Britain and the Union


Michael Keating is Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen and Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change, Edinburgh. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, British Academy, Academy of Social Sciences, and European Academy. He has taught at universities in the UK, United States, Canada, Spain, and France and at the European University Institute, Florence. He is the author of numerous publications on nationalism, regionalism, urban politics, and European politics.