EU law in the UK

ISBN : 9780198805922

Sylvia de Mars
552 ページ
189 x 246 mm

The first new textbook to publish since Brexit, EU Law in the UK tackles EU law with a post-Brexit perspective interwoven throughout. It takes a uniquely contextual approach designed to enliven the learning experience, support understanding, and help students appreciate the relevance and impact of EU law.

Written in a concise and accessible style, and supported by lively academic analysis, the author carefully guides students through key complexities, issues, and debates. EU Law in the UK not only supports students to understand the core elements of EU institutional and substantive law, but also to critically examine the implications on UK law of the UK's decision to leave the EU.
The book's unique contextual approach offers a highly practical and engaging way to learn about EU law. The context is set at the start of each chapter by way of scenarios including real quotes from politicians, parliamentary reports, and fictional situations. Throughout the chapters, students are then invited to apply legal principles to these scenarios. This approach serves to reinforce and enliven students' learning.


1 History of the project (1972-2020)
2 The EU institutions
3 Decision-making and democracy in the EU
4 EU legislative powers
5 Limits to EU legislative powers
6 The Relationship between EU and National Law
7 Connecting EU Law to Domestic Law: the Preliminary Reference Procedure
8 Enforcing EU Law
9 Fundamental rights in the EU
10 The Internal (or Common, or Single) Market
11 Free movement of goods
12 Free movement of workers
13 EU Citizenship
14 Freedom of Establishment and Free Movement of Services
15 Competition law
16 Negotiating a Future Relationship: EU External Relations Law


Dr Sylvia de Mars is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Newcastle University, where she specializes in EU law and public international law. Her most recent work has focused on the trade dimension of Brexit, and particularly how it affects Northern Ireland. Alongside her academic commitments, between 2018 and 2020, Sylvia worked as a Senior Researcher in EU and International Law and Policy for the House of Commons Library.