The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness

ISBN : 9780198749677

Uriah Kriegel
704 ページ
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The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness provides the most comprehensive overview of current philosophical research on consciousness. Featuring contributions from some of the most prominent experts in the field, it explores the wide range of types of consciousness there may be, the many psychological phenomena with which consciousness interacts, and the various views concerning the ultimate relationship between consciousness and physical reality.

It is an essential and authoritative resource for anyone working in philosophy of mind or interested in states of consciousness.


Uriah Kriegel: Introduction: What is the Philosophy of Consciousness?
1 David Papineau: The Problem of Consciousness
2 Par Sundstrom: Visual Experience
3 Casey O Callaghan: Non-Visual Perception
4 Frederique de Vignemont: Bodily Feelings
5 Julien Deonna and Fabrice Teroni: Emotional Experience: Affective Consciousness and its Role in Emotion theory
6 Amy Kind: Imaginative Experience
7 Tim Bayne: Conscious Thought
8 Myrto Mylopoulos and Joshua Shepherd: The Experience of Agency
9 Philippe Chuard: Temporal Consciousness
10 Farid Masrour: The Phenomenal Unity of Consciousness
11 Jorge Morales and Hakwan Lau: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness
12 Uriah Kriegel: Beyond the Neural Correlates of Consciousness
13 Brie Gertler: Dualism: How Epistemic Issues Drive Debates About the Ontology of Consciousness
14 Philip Goff and Sam Coleman: Russellian Monism
15 Michael Pelczar: Idealism: Putting Qualia to Work
16 Mark Sprevak and Elizabeth Irvine: Eliminativism About Consciousness
17 Frank Jackson: A Priori Physicalism
18 Joseph Levine: A Posteriori Physicalism: Type-B Materialism and the Explanatory Gap
19 Adam Pautz: Representionalism About Consciousness
20 Josh Weisberg: Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness
21 Tom McClelland: Self-Representationalist Theories of Consciousness
22 Daniel Stoljar: The Epistemic Approach to the Problem of Consciousness
23 Christopher Mole: Consciousness and Attention
24 Christopher S. Hill: Consciousness and Memory
25 Benjamin Kozuch: Consciousness and Action: Contemporary Empirical Arguments for Epiphenomenalism
26 Angela Mendelovici and David Bourget: Consciousness and Intentionality
27 Berit Brogaard and Elijah Chudnoff: Consciousness and Knowledge
28 Maja Spener: Consciousness, Introspection, and Subjective Measures
29 Dan Zahavi: Consciousness and Selfhood: Getting Clearer on for-Me-Ness and Mineness
30 Joshua Shepherd and Neil Levy: Consciousness and Morality
31 Mark Rowlands: Embodied Consciousness


Uriah Kriegel is Professor of Philosophy at Rice University and a research director at the Jean Nicod Institute in Paris.
He is the author of many articles on consciousness, as well as four books: Subjective Consciousness: A Self-Representational Theory (OUP, 2009), The Sources of Intentionality (OUP, 2011), The Varieties of Consciousness (OUP, 2015), and Brentano's Philosophical System: Mind, Being, Value (OUP, 2018).