Pakistans Foreign Policy 1947-2019: A Concise History (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780190702571

Abdul Sattar
414 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Written with the express purpose of providing a reference book for students of history, political science, international relations, and Pakistan Studies, this book offers an objective history of policy stances along with the rationale behind decisions made by Pakistani state leaders. It provides an insight into the making, implementation, and consequences of Pakistans foreign policy from Partition up to 2019. It will facilitate a deeper understanding of the strategic compulsions that have driven decision making in Pakistans national security and foreign policy.

This book incorporates new contours in relations with India, the US, China, and Afghanistan. Further updates pertain to developments in such key areas as terrorism, Kashmir, and the Middle East.


Preface to the Fifth Edition
Note to the Reader
1 The Emergence of Pakistan
2 Foreign Policy Beginnings
3 The Kashmir Question, 1947-1957
4 The Search for Security
5 Alliances
6 The Alliances-Costs and Benefits
7 China and Other Countries
8 The Pakistan-India War, 1965
9 The Legacy of War
10 The 1971 Disaster
11 The Shimla Agreement: Negotiating under Duress
12 Pakistan's Nuclear Programme and Relations with the US
13 Relations with India-An Interlude: 1977-1979
14 Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan-1979
15 Kashmir: The Struggle for Azadi
16 The Afghanistan Civil War, 1990-1998
17 Pakistan-India Disputes and Crises
18 Nuclear Weapons and Missile Systems
19 Increasing Isolation, 1990-2001
20 Post 9/11 Policy
21 On-Off Partnership with the US, 2001-2016
22 Terrorism
23 Afghanistan, 2001-2018
24 Pakistan-India Relations, 1986-2018
25 Pakistan-China: Enduring Entente
26 International Organizations
27 Policy in a Changing World
I The Shimla Agreement, 1972
II Composite Dialogue, 1997-1998
III The Lahore Declaration, 21 February 1999
IV The Agra Declaration, 2001 Draft Agreement
V Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Foreign Ministers of Pakistan


Abdul Sattar (1931-2019) During a thirty-nine year career in the foreign service and as a renowned diplomat, the late Abdul Sattar served as Foreign Secretary and a two-term Ambassador in New Delhi. He was inducted as Foreign Minister in the interim cabinet in 1993, and again from 1999-2002. He published an article on the Shimla Agreement in Pakistani and Indian academic magazines; a research paper on reducing nuclear dangers in South Asia in The Nonproliferation Review; and a number of articles on international affairs in Pakistani and foreign journals. From 2005 to 2009, he was the foreign affairs editor and a regular columnist for the Pakistan Observer.