Combat Social Work: Applying the Lessons of War to the Realities of Human Services

ISBN : 9780190059439

Charles R. Figley; Jeffrey S. Yarvis; Bruce A. Thyer
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156 x 235 mm

Social workers have a long, proud history of service in most branches of the United States military. The experiences of social workers and other human service professionals of all military ranks have an important, often profound, and lasting impact that informs not only their practice within the military but throughout their career long after they have left the combat zone. In exploring the experiences of 13 American combat social workers (CSWs)-whose role is, among other things, providing military mental health services to members in their unit-this book shares lessons from military service through the lens of social work practitioners. The text includes strategies learned about social work practice in a war zone that are highly applicable to other highly stressful contexts (e.g., crisis intervention, stress reduction procedures, suicide prevention, brief psychotherapy, and consultation on family issues). Combat Social Work is uniquely positioned to serve as a valuable resource for social workers and other mental health providers interested in the assessment and treatment of trauma with active members of the military and military veterans.




Section 1. Orientation to Combat and the Combat Social Worker

Chapter 1. The Life of a Combat Social Worker

Jeffrey S. Yarvis

Chapter 2. Life After Deployment: The Work of Combat Social Work in Garrison

Jeffrey S. Yarvis and Charles R. Figley

Section 2. Combat Social Worker Stories and Lessons

Chapter 3. Dark Mornings to New Beginnings

Shad Meshad

Chapter 4. Combat Social Work in Vietnam, 1968-1969

Raymond Monsour Scurfield

Chapter 5. The Journey of Serving as an Army Reserve Social Worker

Vaughn A. DeCoster

Chapter 6. War Stories of a Brigade Behavioral Health Officer

Debra M. Stone

Chapter 7. Combat Social Work in Afghanistan, 2010-2011: An Interview with Thomas Stokes

Thomas J. Stokes with Naomi North

Chapter 8. Deployment of a Social Worker

Eric J. Kirwan

Chapter 9. Navy Combat Social Worker

Alyssa L. Gibbons

Chapter 10. The Professor Goes to War: Serving as Team Leader for a Combat Stress Unit in Iraq

Cathleen A. Lewandowski

Chapter 11. Combat Social Work in Afghanistan, 2009-2010: Leading a Combat Stress Control Detachment

Randal C. Nedegaard

Chapter 12. Triumph Over Adversity: A Journey From Vietnam's Son to Combat's Healer

Christopher Lee Atkins

Chapter 13. Social Work at Forward Operating Base Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan

Dan M. Grinstead

Section 3. Conclusions for Paying Forward the Lessons of War

Chapter 14. Ted Studebaker: Combat Social Worker Warrior for Peace

Bruce A. Thyer

Chapter 15. Combat Social Work: Preparing the Next Generation of Practitioners

Charles R. Figley, Jeffrey S. Yarvis, and Bruce A. Thyer


Charles R. Figley, PhD, is the Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health; Director of the Traumatology Institute; and Professor in the School of Social Work at Tulane University.; COL Jeffrey S. Yarvis PhD, LCSW, BCD is a 34 year veteran of the U.S. Army, former commander of a combat hospital and decorated combat veteran as a social worker earning the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge for leadership and actions taken under fire. He is also an adjunct professor for Texas A&M University-Central Texas.; Bruce Thyer, PhD, MSW, is Distinguished Research Professor in the College of Social Work at Florida State University. Dr. Thyer is a veteran of the United States Army.