Composing Peace: Mission Composition in UN Peacekeeping

ISBN : 9780198790655

Chiara Ruffa; Vincenzo Bove; Andrea Ruggeri
256 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Composing Peace: Mission Composition in UN Peacekeeping is about mission in peacekeeping operations and asks how diversity of mission composition influences the ability of a peace mission to keep the peace. This book focuses on four types of mission composition-diversity among peacekeepers, within the mission leadership, between mission leaders and peacekeepers, and between peacekeepers and locals. It is the first book to explore mission composition and its consequences, unpacking a concept hitherto unexplored and empirically combining quantitative and qualitative methods. It makes an important contribution to the fields of peace research, security studies, and international relations at large.



1 Mission Composition and Mechanisms of Peacekeeping

2 Blue Helmets Diversity: Field Diversity and Peacekeeping

3 Diversity within Mission Leadership

4 Diversity between Force Commander and Blue Helmets

5 Diversity between Blue Helmets and Locals



Chiara Ruffa is Academy Fellow at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University and associate professor in War Studies at the Swedish Defense University. Her research interests lie at the cross-road between political science, sociology, and peace and conflict research with a specific focus on ideational variables, such as cultures, norms and frames, civil-military relations, soldiers in peacekeeping missions. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in the European Journal of International Relations, Security Studies, Acta Sociologica, International Peacekeeping, Armed Forces and Society, Security and Defence Analysis, Small Wars and Insurgencies, Comparative European Politics, and several edited volumes. Her book, Military Cultures in Peace and Stability Operations, has been published with the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2018. She is an editorial board member of Armed Forces and Society. ; Vincenzo Bove is Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. Prior to joining Warwick, he was British Academy postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Government at the University of Essex. He holds a PhD in Economics (Birkbeck, University of London, 2011), an MSc in Economics (Birkbeck, University of London, 2007) and a BA in Politics (Firenze, 2003). He has held teaching and research appointments at the University of Essex, the University of Genoa, the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Venice, IMT Lucca, and Sciences Po, Paris. In his pre-academic life, he served as an officer in the Italian Navy. His research focuses on the arms trade, civil-military relations, international migration, military spending, terrorism, and third-party intervention in civil wars. He has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals in Economics and Political Science.; Andrea Ruggeri is Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Director of the Centre for International Studies at the University of Oxford. He joined Brasenose College and the Department of Politics and International Relations in 2014. Previously, he was Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam from 2010. He holds a PhD in Government (Essex, 2011), an MA International Relations (Essex, 2006) and a BA in Diplomatic and International Sciences (Genova, 2005). His research has been published in several journals including British Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, International Security, International Interactions amongst others. He is in the editorial board of Journal of Peace Research, Il Politico, International Peacekeeping, Quaderni di Scienza Politica and the Italian Political Science Review/Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica.