Logic, Language, and Mathematics: Themes from the Philosophy of Crispin Wright

ISBN : 9780199278343

Alexander Miller
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Crispin Wright is widely recognised as one of the most important and influential analytic philosophers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This volume is a collective exploration of the major themes of his work in philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and philosophy of mathematics. It comprises specially written chapters by a group of internationally renowned thinkers, as well as four substantial responses from Wright. In these thematically organized replies, Wright summarizes his life's work and responds to the contributory essays collected in this book. In bringing together such scholarship, the present volume testifies to both the enormous interest in Wright's thought and the continued relevance of Wright's seminal contributions in analytic philosophy for present-day debates;


Part I: Frege and Neo-Logicism

1 William Demopoulos: Generality and Objectivity in Frege's Foundations of Arithmetic

2 Richard Kimberly Heck: The Logic of Frege's Theorem

3 Jim Edwards: Logicism and Logical Consequence

4 George Boolos: Logicism and Second Order Logic

4a Richard Kimberly Heck: Postscript

5 Gideon Rosen and Stephen Yablo: Solving the Caesar Problem--with Metaphysics

Part II: Vagueness

6 Ian Rumfitt: Vagueness and Intuitionistic Logic

7 Stephen Schiffer: Quandary and Intuitionism: Crispin Wright on Vagueness

Part III: Logic and Modality

8 Sanford Shieh: Wright and Revisionism

9 Neil Tennant: Inferentialism, Logicism, Harmony, and a Counterpoint

Part IV: Metaphysical Possibility

10 Bob Hale: CCCP

Replies by Crispin Wright


Replies to Part I: Frege and Logicism

Replies to Part II: Intuitionism and the Sorites

Replies to Part III: Logical Revisionism

Replies to Part IV: The Epistemology of Metaphysical Possibility


Alexander Miller took his undergraduate degree in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He then did his graduate work in philosophy at the universities of St. Andrews and Michigan. Miller is currently Professor of Philosophy at the University of Otago. Prior to this, he taught at Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff, and Macquarie.; Crispin Wright specializes in the philosophies of language and mathematics, metaphysics, and epistemology. He is Global Professor of Philosophy at New York University, Professor of Philosophical Research at the University of Stirling, and Regius Professor of Logic Emeritus at the University of Aberdeen. He has taught at Columbia, Michigan, Princeton, St. Andrews (where he was the first Wardlaw University Professor), Arche, and Aberdeen (where he held the Regius Chair of Logic and was Director of the Northern Institute of Philosophy).