Adolescents on Music

ISBN : 9780190671365

Elizabeth Cassidy Parker
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Many can attest to the importance of the self-growth that occurs for young people through the arts and their accompanying communities of support, understanding, and caring. Yet even professionals who work daily with adolescents, and parents or guardians who raise adolescents, sometimes have difficulty collectively articulating why musicking experiences are important for young people. In Adolescents on Music, author Elizabeth Cassidy Parker proves that this challenge stems from failing to ask adolescents to share their ideas richly and fully. Accordingly, Parker argues for deeper efforts to connect adolescent perspectives with established theories and philosophies in the social sciences and humanities.

Organized into three sections-Who I Am; My Social Self; and Toward a Future Vision-Parker seeks new and diverse perspectives from the young people sharing their voices and experiences in each chapter. Chapters begin with a description from adolescents, in their own words, of the music they make, the meanings they ascribe to their music-making, and contributions to their development. The voices highlighted in these chapters come from adolescent solo musicians, autonomous and vernacular players, composers, school and community music-makers, and listeners between the ages of 12-20. By familiarizing readers with the multiplicity of adolescent music-making experiences and perspectives; discussing relevant theories within and outside of music and music education that support adolescent musical and personal growth; promoting adolescent health and well-being and greater understanding of young people; and providing a common language toward advocacy for adolescent music-making, Adolescents on Music serves as an invaluable resource for individual and group music teachers and practitioners, parents of adolescents, music mentors, and music education students.



Chapter 1: Opening Ideas

Part I: Who I Am

Part I Overview

Interlude: Jacob

Interlude: Mark

Chapter 2: Musical Identity

Interlude: Mariam

Interlude: Lee

Chapter 3: How I Think

Interlude: Amy

Chapter 4: How I Feel

Part I Summary

Part II: My Social Self

Part II Overview

Interlude: Leonardo

Interlude: Luke

Chapter 5: Finding Belonging

Interlude: Jay

Interlude: Zoe

Chapter 6: Experiencing Community

Interlude: Claudio

Interlude: Caroline

Chapter 7: Growing Social Identity

Interlude: Olivia

Interlude: Lynn

Part II Summary

Part III: Toward a Future Vision

Part III Overview

Interlude: Jason

Chapter 8: Emerging Leadership and Giving Back

Interlude: Lyla

Interlude: Anna

Chapter 9: Listening and Advocating for Adolescent Musicking

Interlude: Carlos

Interlude: Michael

Chapter 10: Why Music Matters to Adolescents





Elizabeth Cassidy Parker is Associate Professor of Music Education at Temple University. She has taught adolescents in public schools, community spaces, and higher education contexts for the past 25 years. Parker's research interests include the social, philosophical, and musical development of adolescent musicians and preservice music teacher identity.