Toward a Better World: The Social Significance of Nursing

ISBN : 9780190695712

Mark Lazenby
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140 x 210 mm
  • Exposes the nursing collective's potential to improve health and societies globally
  • Uses personal stories of nurses and a historical perspective to reinforce nursing's power to influence the issues of our times
  • Provides a blueprint for nurses to take leadership in addressing social issues
  • Addresses the nursing profession's obligations toward current health inequities

Nurses are positioned on healthcare's front line, intimately connected to individuals, families, and communities. How can they leverage this position to work for the common good?
In Toward a Better World, Mark Lazenby, a philosopher and a nurse, presents a plan of action. He argues that nurses advance the good society when they fulfill fundamental obligations. Promoting equality, peace and respect, providing assistance and safety, and safeguarding the health of our planet are among these obligations. By acting upon them, nurses become a force for social change in their communities. But through the collective power of more than 20 million nurses worldwide, nurses become a global force for making the world a better place—in the present and for the future.
A companion to Caring Matters Most, Lazenby's ethics book, Toward a Better World challenges readers to lead good lives of service to others. This book will invigorate all, nurses and non-nurses alike, who wish to spend their lives making the world a better place.


Foreword by Sheila Tlou, RN, PhD, FAAN

Chapter 1: Nursing and the Good Society

Part I: Nursing is a Moral Profession
Chapter 2: Nursing and our Common Humanity
Chapter 3: Nursing and Obligation

Part II: The Obligations of Nursing
Chapter 4: Equality
Chapter 5: Assistance
Chapter 6: Peace
Chapter 7: Safety
Chapter 8: Earth
Chapter 9: Respect

Part III: Nursing Beyond Boundaries
Chapter 10: Nursing is Always Local
Chapter 11: The Social Significance of Nursing
Notes to Chapters

Discussion Questions
Appendix: International Council of Nurses Position Statement: Nurses, Climate Change and Health


Mark Lazenby, an advanced practice registered nurse and a philosopher, is Professor of Nursing and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut, where he is also the School of Nursing's Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs. He has written books on the 20th-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein's views of religion and on the ethical significance of nursing.

"Mark Lazenby unites expertise in philosophy and nursing with a moral framework to address the raison dâtre of the nursing profession. His perspective is as refreshing as it is rare. He combines research and clinical experience in a vivid narrative that is both profound and accessible. I heartily recommend it. It deserves a wide reading among not only nurses, but all who think about the basic orientations of their professions." - Greg E. Sterling, Yale Divinity School

"Mark Lazenbys Toward a Better World is a gem—a clear and powerful portrayal of the remarkable social significance of nursing through compelling narratives and informed by wide-ranging insights from philosophy, history, and other disciplines. I strongly recommend it not only to those interested in the nursing profession and its vital and far-reaching social role but to also to anyone interested in a good life of service." - James F. Childress, Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

"A valuable book: gently, but convincingly, portrays nurses as essential moral actors in our increasingly troubled world. Whether that means advocating for peace, fighting climate change, or helping those in need despite the often severe risks, Lazenby shows how nurses can and must work to make the world a better place." - Theresa Brown, RN, is Clinical Faculty at the U. Pitt School of Nursing and author of the New York Times bestseller The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients' Lives, Clinical Faculty at the U. Pitt School of Nursing