Challenging Concepts in Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease in the Young: A Case-Based Approach with Expert Commentary

ISBN : 9780198759447

Salim Jivanji; Michael Rigby
416 ページ
189 x 246 mm

A comprehensive guide to the assessment, diagnosis, investigation and management of complex clinical scenarios in congenital cardiovascular medicine. Challenging Concepts in Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease in the Young contains a series of challenging concepts in paediatric cardiology covering all subspecialty areas including general paediatric cardiology, intervention, cardiac imaging, electrophysiology, heart failure and cardiomyopathies, cardiac devices, transplant medicine, epidemiology and foetal cardiology.

Each case provides an in-depth review of current practice, the application of national and international guidelines and a summary of evidence from the medical literature. Data sets, investigation results and cardiac imaging give the reader a 'real-life' sense of being in the outpatient clinic, emergency room, cardiac intensive care unit or cardiac catheterisation laboratory. Each case is punctuated by 'Clinical Tips', 'Learning Points' and 'Landmark Trial Summaries' to enhance the learning process alongside an 'Expert Commentary' written by internationally-renowned leaders in the field of paediatric cardiology.
This book will appeal to all those involved in the treatment of congenital patients; Paediatric Cardiology Trainees, Paediatricians with an interest in Cardiology, Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Trainees, Paediatric Cardiology Consultants, ACHD Consultants, Congenital Paediatric Nurses, Congenital Adult Nurses, Cardiac Physiologists and Echocardiographers.


1 Author: David Lloyd Experts: John Simpson and Vita Zidere: Foetal (Hydrops Foetalis)

2 Author: Sok-Leng Kang Expert: Robin Martin: Cardiovascular Collapse in Infancy (Critical AS)

3 Author: Hannah Bellsham-Revell and Aaron Bell Expert: Catherine Head: Late Presentation of Patients with Fontan Circulation

4 Author: Gemma Penford Expert: Oliver Stumper: Cyanosis Beyond the Newborn Period - Tetralogy with PS or Pulmonary Atresia

5 Author: Grazia Delle Donne Expert: Piers Daubeney: Dilated Cardiomyopathy / Myocarditis

6 Author: Andrew Ho Expert: Tara Bharucha: Double Outlet Right Ventricle

7 Author: Filip Kucera Expert: Michael Burch: Cardiac transplantation

8 Author: Will Regan Expert: Jasveer Mangat: Supraventricular tachycardia

9 Author: James Wong Expert: Reza Razavi: Functionally single ventricle

10 Authors: Robin H S Chen and Salim Jivanji Expert: Sachin Khambadkone: Percutaneous pulmonary valve insertion

11 Authors: Robin H S Chen and Salim Jivanji Expert: Eric Rosenthal: Coarctation of the aorta

12 Authors: Salim Jivanji and Rubya Adamji Expert: Michael Rigby: Infective endocarditis

13 Author: Tom Day Expert: Michael Cheung: Transposition of the Great Arteries

14 Author: Gabby Norrish Expert: Juan Kaski: Ventricular Arrhythmias

15 Author: Michael Harris Expert: Gurleen Sharland: Foetal management of hypoplastic left heart

16 Author: Paraskevi Theocharis Expert: Roberta Bini: Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

17 Author: Mohammad Ryan Abumehdi Expert: Lindsey Hunter: Cardiovascular abnormalities in NICU - PDA

18 Author: Louise Morrison Expert: Brian A. McCrossan: Cardiac evaluation of a child with Stridor

19 Authors: Sophie Duignan and Colm Breatnach Experts: Damien Kenny: Congenital Heart Disease with a Continuous Murmur

20 Authors: Alexander Van De Bruaene and Shouvik Haldar Expert: Krishnakumar Nair: Late presentation of arrhythmia in Congenital Heart Disease

21 Author: Laura Vazquez-Garcia Expert: Michael Rigby: Ebstein's Anomaly

22 Authors: Tarek Alsaied and Justin T. Tretter Expert: Andrew Redington: Kawasaki Disease

23 Authors: Justin T. Tretter and Tarek Alsaied Expert: Andrew Redington: Common Arterial Trunk

24 Author: Ryan Coleman Experts: Corey Chartan and Nidhy Varghese: Pulmonary Hypertension associated with Congenital Heart Disease


Dr. Salim Jivanji is a Congenital Interventional Cardiologist currently working as a consultant at the Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust and the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. He graduated from University of Sheffield medical school and completed his medical and paediatric training in Australia and London before moving to paediatric cardiology specialty training between the Royal Brompton, Great Ormond Street and Evelina London Childrens Hospital. His special interest is percutaneous pulmonary valves and development of novel procedures such as transcatheter repair of sinus venosus atrial septal defect with partial anomalous venous drainage. Additionally he has a special interest in advancing safety in the cardiac catheter lab. He is a committee member and lead for East Africa at Healing Little Hearts, a UK charity that helps children around the world with congenital heart disease. He is currently leading the development of a congenital heart programme in Kenya. ; Dr Michael Rigby is Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, teacher, researcher and writer at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. He is a specialist in interventional cardiac catheterisation in congenital heart disease. He trained in Leeds, Birmingham Children's Hospital, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto prior to his appointment at in London. He has published over 180 papers on congenital heart disease and he is the author or co-author of 55 chapters and 10 books. He has organised annual courses in neonatal and infant heart disease and in echocardiography in congenital heart disease. He has lectured in the UK and internationally. He arranges distance education between London and universities in Greece, Cyprus, Brazil, France and Chile as well as with other parts of the United Kingdom.