Matthew Arnold: Selected Writings

ISBN : 9780199595563

Seamus Perry
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21st Century Oxford Authors

This volume in the 21st Century Oxford Authors series offers students an authoritative, comprehensive selection of the poetry and prose of Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)-the first of its kind for half a century. The anthology is a fresh presentation of one of the most important and influential writers and thinkers of the Victorian period. Arnold's many facets-as poet, educationalist, literary critic, cultural commentator, and religious controversialist-are represented; and the text is fully annotated, identifying the many authors with whom Arnold engaged, and the contemporary public events to which his work often responds. Many of the themes of Arnold's writing life are still pressing matters today. What is the true nature of education? What are the duties of the State towards its citizens? What are the proper limits to individual freedom within a liberal society? What is the future of religion in an age of increasing secularisation?
And, besides these questions, his poetry is one of the greatest and most influential of all bodies of Victorian verse, giving voice to the anxieties of an epoch.
Explanatory notes and commentary enhance the study, understanding, and enjoyment of these works, and the edition includes an Introduction to the life and works of Arnold, and a Chronology.





Letters to Clough (1847-49)

Fragment of Chorus of a 'Dejaneira' (? 1847-8)

From The Strayed Reveller and Other Poems (1849)

Sonnet [Quiet Work]


To a Friend

The Strayed Reveller


Written in Butler's Sermons

Written in Emerson's Essays

To an Independent Preacher

To a Republican Friend


Religious Isolation

To my Friends

To Fausta

The Hayswater Boat

The Forsaken Merman


Letters to Clough and others (1849-52)

From Empedocles on Etna and Other Poems (1852)

Empedocles on Etna

The Lake [Meeting]




To Marguerite, in Returning a Volume of the Letters of Ortis [To Marguerite - Continued]

Human Life



Memorial Verses

A Summer Night

The Buried Life

A Farewell

Stanzas in Memory of the Author of 'Obermann'

Lines Written in Kensington Gardens

The Second Best

The Youth of Nature

Letters to Clough and Frances Arnold (1853)

From Poems. A New Edition (1853)


[Quiet Work]

Sohrab and Rustum. An Episode

A Dream

The Scholar Gipsy

Letters to Clough (November 1853)

General Report for the Year 1853 (1854)

From Poems. Second Edition (1854)


From Fraser's Magazine (April 1855)

Stanzas from the Grand Chartreuse

From Fraser's Magazine (May 1855)

Haworth Chuchyard

Fragment from 'Lucretius' (? 1856-7)

From Poems. Third Edition (1857)

To Marguerite. [Isolation-To Marguerite]

Isolation [To Marguerite-Continued]

Letter to Mary Arnold (1857)

On the Modern Element in Literature (1857)

From Merope (1858)

Letter K (1858)

From On Translating Homer (1861)

From The Popular Education of France (1861)

Introduction [Democracy]

From Last Words on Translating Homer (1862)

General Report for the Year 1863 (1864)

From A French Eton (1864)

From Essays in Criticism (1865)


The Function of Criticism at the Present Time

The Literary Influence of Academies

From Maurice de Guerin

From Heinrich Heine

From Joubert

From Cornhill Magazine (1966)

My Countrymen

From On the Study of Celtic Literature (1867)

From New Poems (1867)


East London

West London

Austerity of Poetry

Calais Sands

Dover Beach

Growing Old

A Caution to Poets

Rugby Chapel

General Report for the Year 1867 (1868)

From Culture and Anarchy (1869)

Letter to Mary Arnold (1869)

From The Pall Mall Gazette (1869)

From St Paul and Protestantism (1870)

From Literature and Dogma (1873)

Our aspiration quits us, not our need (1875)

From The Nineteenth Century (1879)

S.S. Lusitania

From The Poems of Wordsworth (1879)


From The Hundred Greatest Men (1879)

Poetry: Introduction

From The English Poets, ed. T.H. Ward (1880)

General Introduction: On the Study of Poetry

Thomas Gray

John Keats

From The Poetry of Byron (1881)

From Preface

From Poems. New and Complete Edition (1881)

Geist's Grave

From Irish Essays (1882)

From The Incompatibles

From The French Play in London

From Macmillan's Magazine (1883)

An Address to the Wordsworth Society

From Literature and Dogma. Popular Edition (1883)

Preface to this Edition

From Discourses in America (1885)

Literature and Science

From Poems (1885)

Poor Matthias

From The Times, 13 November 1886

Mr Matthew Arnold and the Westminster Teachers

From Fortnightly Review (1887)

Kaiser Dead


Seamus Perry is Professor of English Literature and Massey Fellow, Balliol College, Oxford. His publications include Coleridge and the Uses of Division and Coleridge's Notebooks: A Selection, and, co-edited with Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Tennyson Among the Poets (all OUP).