Respectable Citizens - Shady Practices: The Economic Morality of the Middle Classes

ISBN : 9780199595037

Susanne Karstedt; Stephen Farrall
288 ページ
138 x 216 mm
Clarendon Studies in Criminology

Respectable Citizens - Shady Practices seeks to explore a previously neglected aspect of crime in modern society - namely those crimes that are committed by otherwise 'respectable' citizens in the market arena. The book delves into the 'grey zone' where illegal, unfair, unethical and 'shady' practices coalesce: from the retailers who see themselves as victims of customers who take unfair and often illegal advantage of generous offers, to the consumers sold 'useless' insurance and financial packages and 'defrauded' by 'small print' clauses.The authors outline the contours of the contemporary moral economy, driven and shaped by technological innovation as much as new economic policies, and ask, is a 'predatory society' emerging from the central sphere of consumption?


1 (Im)moral economies, predatory societies: Into the realm of everyday crime

2 Change Regions and Changes in Normative Market-Cultures

3 Saints and Sinners: The Consumer as 'Victim' and 'Offender' in the Contemporary Marketplace

4 The Middling Sort

5 Communicating Crime, Risk & Blame: Constructing the Moral Climate of the Market

6 The Anxieties of the Market Place

7 Hitting Back: The Transmission Between Victimisation and Offending in the Marketplace

8 Market Changes and Market Anomie

9 Concluding Thoughts: The Till and the Ballot Box

Methodological appendices


Susanne Karstedt is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the School of Law, University of Leeds. She specialises in cross-national and cross-cultural research; in her research and writing she maps out the landscape of morality and values as they shape contemporary crimes and criminal justice. She is presently preparing a book on Democracy, Crime and Justice, which explores the links between democratic values and institutions for a broad range of crimes from violence to corruption. Her publications include books and articles on emotions, crime and justice (with Ian Loader and Heather Strang), on transitional justice (Legal institutions and collective memories, 2009), as well as on criminological theory and methods.; Stephen Farrall is Professor of Criminology, and Director of the Centre for Criminological Research, at Sheffield University. His main research interests are in why people stop offending and the fear of crime. His most recent research has focused on the long term impacts of neo-liberal social and economic policies, using the Conservative Party governments of 1979-1997 in the UK as a case study.