The 2003 UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention: A Commentary

ISBN : 9780198824787

Janet Blake; Lucas Lixinski
576 ページ
171 x 246 mm
  • Unique article-by-article examination of the interpretation and application of the 2003 UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention
  • Analyses the relevant jurisprudence and international, regional and domestic practice
  • Contributions from leading experts that cover both legal and non-legal viewpoints
  • Comprehensive and critical engagement with the history and impact of The treaty in international, regional, domestic, and local contexts

This book critically analyses the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO's latest and ground-breaking treaty in the area of cultural heritage protection. Intangible cultural heritage is broadly understood as the social processes that inform our living cultures, and our social cohesion and identity as communities and peoples. On the basis of this conception, the Treaty proposes to turn our understanding of how, for whom, and why heritage is safeguarded on its head, by putting communities, groups and individuals at the centre of the safeguarding process.
The commentary, written by leading experts in the field from all continents and multiple disciplines, provides an authoritative guide to interpreting and implementing not only this Treaty, but also its ripple effects on how we think about cultural heritage and our experience with it as a part of our living cultures. This book is of interest to lawyers, policy-makers, anthropologists, cultural diplomacy specialists, archaeologists, cultural heritage studies experts, and, foremost, the people who practice and enact this heritage.


I: Introduction
Introduction, Janet Blake

II: Commentary
The Preamble, Janet Blake
1: Article 1: Purposes of the Convention, James AR Nafziger
2: Article 2(1): Defining Intangible Cultural Heritage, Francesco Francioni
3: Article 2(2): Manifesting Intangible Cultural Heritage, Benedetta Ubertazzi
4: Article 2(3): Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, Antonio Arantes
5: Article 2(4): Defining States, Folarin Shyllon
6: Article 3(a): Relationship to Other International Heritage Instruments, Lucas Lixinski
7: Article 3(b): Relationship to Intellectual Property and Environmental Instruments, Lucas Lixinski and Janet Blake
8: Articles 4-8: Organs of the Convention, Guido Carducci
9: Article 9: Accreditation of Advisory Organizations, Jorijn Neyrinck and Chiara Bortolotto
10: Article 10: The Role of the Secretariat in the Implementation of the Convention, Cécile Duvelle
11: Article 11: Role of States Parties, Guido Carducci
12: Article 12: Inventories, Marie Cornu and Rieks Smeets
13: Article 13: Other Measures for Safeguarding. Developing Intangible Cultural Heritage Relating Policies and Legislation at National Level, Anita Vaivade
14: Article 13: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Researching, Documenting, and Ensuring Access to Intangible Cultural Heritage, Michelle L. Stefano and Wend Wendland
15: Article 13(d)(ii): Respecting Customary Practices, Amy Strecker
16: Article 14: Education, Awareness-raising and Capacity-building, Janet Blake
17: Article 15: Participation of Communities, Groups and Individuals - CGIs, not just 'the community', Marc Jacobs
18: Article 15: Participation of Communities, Groups and Individuals - Participation and Democracy, Gabriele D'amico Soggetti
19: Articles 16-17: Listing Intangible Cultural Heritage, Federico Lenzerini
20: Article 18: Programmes, Projects and Activities for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Hanna Schreiber
21: Article 19: Cooperation, Alessandro Chechi
22: Articles 20-24: International Assistance, Ana Filipa Vrdoljak
23: Articles 25-28: Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund, Andrzej Jakubowski
24: Articles 29-30: Reports by the States Parties and the Committee, Janet Blake and James AR Nafziger
25: Article 31: Transitional Clause: Relationship to the Proclamation of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Noriko Aikawa-Faure
26: Article 32-34 Final Clauses, Folarin Shyllon
27: Article 35: The Federal Clause, Ben Boer
28: Article 36-40: Final Clauses, Folarin Shyllon

III: Additional issues related to the 2003 convention
29: Formation of the Notion of Safeguarding Adopted by the ICH Convention, Antonio Arantes
30: The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Human Rights: Relativism and Collectivism 2.0?, Lucas Lixinski
31: Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention Emblem, Matthew Bevins

IV: Conclusion
32: Tightropes of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention, Janet Blake and Lucas Lixinski


Edited by Janet Blake, Associate Professor in Law, University of Shahid Beheshti, and Lucas Lixinski, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales
Janet Blake is Associate Professor in Law at the University of Shahid Beheshti in Tehran. Since 1999, she has worked closely with UNESCO on the development and drafting of the 2003 Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention and acted as Rapporteur to the two Restricted Drafting Group meetings that developed the First Preliminary Draft of the Convention in 2002. She co-authored the recent review on the implementation of Intangible Heritage Convention for UNESCO. She is the author of International Cultural Heritage Law(OUP) and Commentary on the UNESCO 2003 Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage(ILA, 2006).
Lucas Lixinski is Associate Professor at Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney. He holds a PhD in International Law from the European University Institute. He is the author of Intangible Cultural Heritage in International Law (OUP 2013) and International Heritage Law for Communities: Exclusion and Re-Imagination (OUP 2019). He is Rapporteur of the International Law Association Committee on Participation in Global Heritage Governance.
Noriko Aikawa-Faure
Antonio Arantes
Matthew Bevins
Janet Blake
Ben Boer
Chiara Bortolotto
Guido Carducci
Alessandro Chechi
Marie Cornu
Gabriele D'amico Soggetti
Cécile Duvelle
Francesco Francioni
Marc Jacobs
Andrzej Jakubowski
Federico Lenzerini
Lucas Lixinski
Koichiro Matsuura
James AR Nafziger
Jorijn Neyrinck
Hanna Schreiber
Folarin Shyllon
Rieks Smeets
Michelle L Stefano
Amy Strecker
Benedetta Ubertazzi
Anita Vaivade
Ana Filipa Vrdoljak
Wend Wendland