Economics of the Welfare State (6th edition)

ISBN : 9780198748588

Nicholas Barr
400 ページ
189 x 189 mm
  • The only UK textbook to focus on welfare issues such as education, health care, pensions and poverty relief, rather than general public economics
  • Analyses the major elements of the welfare state within a coherent, theoretical framework, to help students engage with the discussions
  • Emphasises British and European welfare systems, allowing students to see the direct relevance and real-world application of their learning
  • An international range of examples gives students the opportunity to compare different institutions and global welfare issues

New to this Edition:

  • Brand new 'Where are we in the story?' feature which identifies how each chapter fits in with the rest of the book
  • Increased cross-references help students recall the key content of previous chapters and signpost how the material is linked
  • Additional discussion of gender incorporated throughout the book, with a new section in Chapter 5
  • End of chapter discussion questions expanded, giving readers further opportunities to test their understanding
  • Updated data, references, and policy discussion

The sixth edition of this successful textbook discusses elements of the welfare system, including cash benefits, the health service and education. The text argues that the welfare state does not exist just to help the underprivileged, but also offers efficiencies in areas where the private markets would be inefficient or would not exist at all.
Suitable for both economics students and students on related disciplines, this book places the content within a theoretical framework, and uses learning features to engage students with the discussion. Each chapter is concluded with a summary of the key points and an appendix, which provides a non-technical summary for students with no previous exposure to economics. Worked examples from around the world facilitate the comparison of global welfare issues, while diagrams allow readers to visualize concepts.
The author ends each chapter with 'questions for further discussion' which could be prepared to structure seminars or to independently test understanding, while an annotated list of further reading suggestions guides additional research.

This book is accompanied by the following online resources.

For students:
- Web links
- Further reading

For adopting lecturers:
- PowerPoint slides


Part 1: Concepts
2:Political theory: Social justice and the state
3:Economic theory 1: State intervention
4:Economic theory 2: Insurance
5:Distribution: Welfare, poverty, and inequality
Part 2: Cash Benefits
6:Insurance: Unemployment, sickness, and disability
7:Consumption smoothing: Old-age pensions
8:Poverty relief
Part 3: Benefits in Kind

9:Health and health care
10:School education
11:Tertiary education
Part 4: Epilogue

12:Conclusion: Looking to the future


Nicholas Barr, Professor of Public Economics, European Institute, the London School of Economics