News on the Right: Studying Conservative News Cultures

ISBN : 9780190913540

Anthony Nadler; A.J. Bauer
264 ページ
156 x 156 mm

From the National Review to Breitbart, from Fox News to Rush Limbaugh, conservative news is an inescapable feature of modern politics. Since the early days of mass communication, right-wing media producers have blended reporting with commentary, narrating the news of the day from a perspective informed by conservative worldviews and partisanship. News on the Right seeks to initiate a new interdisciplinary field of scholarly research focused on the study of right-wing media and conservative news. Editors Anthony Nadler and A.J. Bauer gather a range of voices, presenting an interdisciplinary investigation into the practices and patterns of meaning-making in the production, circulation, and consumption of conservative news. Traversing journalism, media and communication studies, cultural studies, history, political science, and sociology, this volume utilizes a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods to elucidate case studies of conservative news cultures in the US and UK. Together, these perspectives show that a fuller understanding of right-wing media and its effects can be reached by treating these phenomena as deeply interwoven into many conservatives' lives and political sensibilities.


Chapter 1: Introduction (A.J. Bauer and Anthony Nadler)
Chapter 2: From a Christian Perspective: News/Talk in Evangelical Mass Media (Mark Ward Sr.)
Chapter 3: Containing 'Country Music Marxism': How Fox News Conservatized John Rich's 'Shuttin' Detroit Down' (Reece Peck)
Chapter 4: Weaponizing Victimhood: Discourses of Oppression and the Maintenance of Supremacy on the Right (Lee Bebout)
Chapter 5: NRA Media and Second Amendment Identity Politics (Dawn R. Gilpin)
Chapter 6: Making Media Safe for Corporate Power: Market Libertarian Discourse in the 1940s and Beyond (Victor Pickard)
Chapter 7: Conservative News and Movement Infrastructure (Alex DiBranco)
Chaper 8: The British Right-Wing Mainstream and the European Referendum (Angela Phillips)
Chapter 9: Cultivating Distrust of the Mainstream Media: Propagandists for a Liberal Machine and the American Establishment (Julie B. Lane)
Chapter 10: National Review and the Changing Narrative of Civil Rights Memory: 1968-2016 (Robert Greene II)
Chapter 11: Slanting the News: Media Bias and its Effects (Anthony DiMaggio)
Chapter 12: Bridging the Marginal and the Mainstream: Methodological Considerations for Conservative News as a Subfield (Mark Major)
Chapter 13: Conservative News Studies: Mapping an Unrealized Field (Anthony Nadler and A.J. Bauer)
Contributor Bios
Appendix: List of Tables and Figures


Anthony Nadler is an Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Ursinus College and the author of Making the News Popular. A.J. Bauer is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University.