The Oxford Handbook of American Folklore and Folklife Studies

ISBN : 9780190840617

Simon J. Bronner
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The Oxford Handbook of American Folklore and Folklife Studies surveys the materials, approaches, concepts, and applications of the field to provide a sweeping guide to American folklore and folklife, culture, history, and society. Forty-three comprehensive and diverse chapters delve into significant themes and methods of folklore and folklife study; established expressions and activities; spheres and locations of folkloric action; and shared cultures and common identities. Beyond the longstanding arenas of academic focus developed throughout the 350-year legacy of folklore and folklife study, contributors at the forefront of the field also explore exciting new areas of attention that have emerged in the twenty-first century such as the Internet, bodylore, folklore of organizations and networks, sexual orientation, neurodiverse identities, and disability groups. Encompassing a wide range of cultural traditions in the United States, from bits of slang in private conversations to massive public demonstrations, ancient beliefs to contemporary viral memes, and a simple handshake greeting to group festivals, these chapters consider the meanings in oral, social, and material genres of dance, ritual, drama, play, speech, song, and story while drawing attention to tradition-centered communities such as the Amish and Hasidim, occupational groups and their workaday worlds, and children and other age groups. Weaving together such varied and manifest traditions, this handbook pays significant attention to the cultural diversity and changing national boundaries that have always been distinctive in the American experience, reflecting on the relative youth of the nation; global connections of customs brought by immigrants; mobility of residents and their relation to an indigenous, urbanized, and racialized population; and a varied landscape and settlement pattern. Edited by leading folklore scholar Simon J. Bronner, this handbook celebrates the extraordinary richness of the American social and cultural fabric, offering a valuable resource not only for scholars and students of American studies, but also for the global study of tradition, folk arts, and cultural practice.


1. Introduction: Definition, Concepts, and Questions of Folklore and Folklife in a Diverse, Mobile Nation / Simon J. Bronner
2. Historiography and Intellectual History of American Folklore and Folklife Studies / Jill Terry Rudy
3. American Folk Ideas, Themes, and Worldview / Jay Mechling
4. Methods and Tools of American Folklore and Folklife Studies / Anthony Bak Buccitelli
5. Applications and Representations of the Uses of American Folklore and Folklife / Gregory Hansen
6. American Folk Speech, Names, and Gestures / Charles Clay Doyle
7. American Proverbs and Related Sayings / Wolfgang Mieder
8. American Folk Poetry / Elizabeth Tucker
9. American Storytelling, Myths, and Tales / Frank de Caro
10. American Jokes, Pranks, and Humor / Moira Marsh
11. American Legends, Anecdotes, and Personal Narratives / Elizabeth Tucker
12. American Custom, Ritual, and Holidays / Jack Santino
13. American Folk Drama and Festival / Lisa Gabbert
14. American Folk Music, Folk Songs, and Ballads / Stephen D. Winick
15. American Folk Dance and Movement / Eric Cesar Morales
16. Play, Game, and Sport in American Folklore and Folklife / Fernando Orejuela
17. American Folk Buildings, Constructions, and Landscapes / Simon J. Bronner
18. American Folk Art and Crafts / C. Kurt Dewhurst and Marsha MacDowell
19. American Gravemarkes and Memorial Assemblages / Holly Everett
20. American Bodylore and Folk Dress / Amy K. Milligan
21. American Food, Foodways, and Eating / Lucy M. Long
22. American Folk Medicine and Health Practices / Andrea Kitta
23. Regions, Borders, and Nation in American Folklore and Folklife / Simon J. Bronner
24. Farm, Town, and Country in American Folklore and Folklife / R. Troy Boyer
25. American Urban, Suburban, and Metropolitan Folklore and Folklife / David J. Puglia
26. Waters, Islands, and Shores in American Folklore and Folklife / Shelly Drummond
27. Internet and Media in American Folklore and Folklife / David J. Puglia
28. Home and Vehicle in American Folklore and Folklife / Cory Thomas Hutcheson
29. Schools and Colleges in American Folklore and Folklife / Simon J. Bronner
30. Total Institutions: Camps, Boarding Schools, Military Bases, Hospitals, and Prisons in American Folklore and Folklife / Jay Mechling
31. Folklore and Folklife in Native and Indigenous America / Tom Mould
32. African American Folklore, Folklife, and Race / Anand Prahlad
33. Asian American Folklore and Folklife / Fariha Khan
34. Folklore and Folklife of Latinx America / Norma E. Cantu
35. Folklore and Folklife of European Americans / Anthony Bak Buccitelli and Cory Thomas Hutcheson
36. Folklore and Folklife of American Religious and Other Belief-Based Communities / William M. Clements
37. American Occupational Folklife: Work, Workers, and Workscapes / Nancy Groce
38. Folklore and Folklife of American Age Groups and Aging / Mary Sellers
39. Folklore and Folklife of American Family and Friends / Caren Neile
40. Folklore and Folklife of American Organizations and Networks / Simon J. Bronner
41. Folklore and Folklife of Women, Men, and Other Gendered Identities / Lisa Gilman
42. Folklore and Folklife of American LGBTQIA+ Communities and Queer Culture / James Tyler Chadwell and Simon J. Bronner
43. Folklore and Folklife of Body, Neurodiverse, and Ability-Centered American Identities / Sheila Bock


Simon J. Bronner is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of American Studies and Folklore at the Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, and held the Maxwell C. Weiner distinguished professorship at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has also taught folklore and ethnology at Harvard University, University of California-Davis, Leiden University (Netherlands), Beijing Normal University (China), and Osaka University (Japan). The author or editor of over 40 books, he is also the editor of book series on material culture and folklore and ethnology. He was president of the Fellows of the American Folklore Society and received lifetime achievement awards from the Society for his academic leadership and scholarship on youth culture.