Revenants of the German Empire: Colonial Germans, Imperialism, and the League of Nations

ISBN : 9780190907211

Sean Andrew Wempe
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In 1919 the Treaty of Versailles stripped Germany of its overseas colonies. This sudden transition to a post-colonial nation left the men and women invested in German imperialism to rebuild their status on the international stage. Remnants of an earlier era, these Kolonialdeutsche (Colonial Germans) exploited any opportunities they could to recover, renovate, and market their understandings of German and European colonial aims in order to reestablish themselves as "experts" and "fellow civilizers" in discourses on nationalism and imperialism.
Revenants of the German Empire: Colonial Germans, Imperialism, and the League of Nations tracks the difficulties this diverse group of Colonial Germans encountered while they adjusted to their new circumstances, as repatriates to Weimar Germany or as subjects of the War's victors in the new African Mandates. Faced with novel systems of international law, Colonial Germans
re-situated their notions of imperial power and group identity to fit in a world of colonial empires that were not their own. The book examines how former colonial officials, settlers, and colonial lobbies made use of the League of Nations framework to influence diplomatic flashpoints including the Naturalization Controversy in Southwest Africa, the Locarno Conference, and the Permanent Mandates Commission from 1927-1933. Sean Wempe revises standard historical portrayals of the League of Nations' form of international governance, German participation in the League, the role of interest groups in international organizations and diplomacy, and liberal imperialism. In analyzing Colonial German investment and participation in interwar liberal internationalism, the project challenges the idea of a direct continuity between Germany's colonial period and the Nazi era.


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Chapter One: A Question of Respectability: Colonial German Responses to the Treaty of Versailles and Colonial Guilt
Chapter Two: O Afrika, Meine Seele ist in dir geblieben: Heimat and Citizenship for German Settlers in the 1920s
Chapter Three: Echte Deutsche or Half-baked Englishmen? German Southwest African Settlers and the Naturalization Crisis, 1922-1924
Chapter Four: Grasping for a Great New Future: The German Colonial Lobbies in Search of a United Platform
Chapter Five: From Unfit Imperialists to Fellow Civilizers: German Colonial Officials on the Permanent Mandates Commission
Chapter Six: The Faithful Hounds of Imperialism? Heinrich Schnee on the League's Manchurian Commission
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Sean Wempe is Assistant Professor of Modern European History, California State University--Bakersfield.