The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism

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Keith Newlin
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The scholarship devoted to American literary realism has long wrestled with problems of definition: is realism a genre, with a particular form, content, and technique? Is it a style, with a distinctive artistic arrangement of words, characters, and description? Or is it a period, usually placed as occurring after the Civil War and concluding somewhere around the onset of World War I? This volume aims to widen the scope of study beyond mere definition, however, by expanding the boundaries of the subject through essays that reconsider and enlarge upon such questions.

The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism aims to take stock of the scholarly work in the area and map out paths for future directions of study. The Handbook offers 35 vibrant and original essays of new interpretations of the artistic and political challenges of representing life. It is the first book to treat the subject topically and thematically, in wide scope, with essays that draw upon recent scholarship in literary and cultural studies to offer an authoritative and in-depth reassessment of major and minor figures and the contexts that shaped their work. Contributors here tease out the workings of a particular concept through a variety of authors and their cultural contexts. A set of essays explores realism's genesis and its connection to previous and subsequent movements. Others examine the inclusiveness of representation, the circulation of texts, and the aesthetic representation of science, time, space, and the subjects of medicine, the New Woman, and the middle class. Still others trace the connection to other arts-poetry, drama, illustration, photography, painting, and film-and to pedagogic issues in the teaching of realism. As a whole, this volume forges exciting new paths in the study of realism and writers' unending labor to represent life accurately.


Keith Newlin
Part I: Contexts of Realisms
1. Transnational Precursors of American Realism
Renate von Bardeleben
2. American Realism and Gender
Donna M. Campbell
3. The Feminine Origins of American Literary Realism
Sophia Forster
4. Realism and the Uses of Humor
John Bird
5. Local Color, World-System
or, American Realism at the Periphery
Mark Storey
6. Aesthetic Slippage in Realism and Naturalism
Anita Duneer
7. Realism as Modernism
Brad Evans
Part II: American Realisms
8. Native American Realism
Lee Schweninger
9. African American Realism
Christine Wooley
10. Ghetto Realism-and Beyond
Lori Harrison-Kahan
11. Asian American Realism
Julia H. Lee
12. The Politics of U.S. Latino Literature and American Realism
Ramon J. Guerra
13. Ethnic Caricature and the Comic Sensibility
Jean Lee Cole
14, Racial Realism
Jolie A. Sheffer
Part III: Selling Realism
15. The Realism Wars in the New York Periodical Press
Mark Noonan
16. Realism and the Profession of Authorship
Graham Thompson
17. Realism's American Readers, 1860-1914
Charles Johanningsmeier
18. The Censorship of Realist and Naturalist Novels, Then and Now
Caren Town
Part IV: Representing the Real
19. Science and Aesthetics in American Realism
Andrew Hebard
20. Realist Temporalities and the Distant Past
Melanie Dawson
21. Spaces of Consumption in American Literary Realism
Gary Totten
22. Dwelling in American Realism
Elif Armbruster
23. Realism and Medicine
Phillip Barrish
24. Realism and the New Woman
Leslie Petty
25. Realism and the Middle-Class Balancing Act
Patrick Chura
Part V: Realism and the Other Arts
26. Realism and Poetry
Jonathan Barron
27. The Evolution of American Dramatic Realism
Eileen Herrmann
28. Visual Art, Intertextuality, and Authorship in the Golden Age of Illustration
Adam Sonstegard
29. American Realism and Photography
Astrid Boger
30. Realist Literature, Painting, and Immediacy
Peter Betjemann
31. Realism and the Cinematic Gaze
Nicolas S. Witschi
Part VI: Pedagogical Issues
32. Teaching Literary Realism in Transnational America
Nathaniel Cadle
33. Teaching American Realism in Germany
Klaus H. Schmidt
34. Teaching and Researching American Literature and American Realism in China
Yuping Wang
35. Realism 2.0
Augusta Rohrbach


Keith Newlin is Professor of English at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where he teaches courses in American literary realism and naturalism, modernism, and drama. The editor of Studies in American Naturalism, he is also the author of Hamlin Garland, A Life and editor of The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Naturalism, among other books.