Criminal Law in South Africa (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780190723620

Gerhard Kemp; Shelley Walker; Robin Palmer; Dumile Baqwa; Christopher Gevers; Brian Leslie; Anton Steynberg
768 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Criminal Law in South Africa, third edition, offers a clear, comprehensive and practical explanation of the principles of criminal law in South Africa. The text addresses the general principles of criminal law as well as the elements of specific common law crimes and statutory offences. Legal theory is presented in light of the influence of the Bill of Rights, the emerging decolonisation debate, comparative perspectives and international criminal law. Designed to support understanding, the text succinctly explains criminal law principles with numerous case illustrations. It balances rigorous theoretical content with a practical approach which emphasises the application of legal principles. This approach is supported by an annexure which demonstrates a methodology for solving problems in criminal law. A wealth of discussion points provides formative debate and analysis of moot and contentious issues. Criminal Law in South Africa, third edition, is fully updated to reflect recent developments in South African and international criminal law to support coherent understanding of substantive criminal law in its proper context, one chapter is devoted entirely to providing a broad outline of the South African criminal procedure system.
The text is suited as core course material for students who are studying criminal law as a module of the LLB degree programme.


Part 1: General Introduction
Part 2: General Principles of Criminal Law
Section 1: Unlawful conduct
Section 2: Criminal capacity
Section 3: Fault
Section 4: Degrees of participation in crime
Section 5: Incomplete crimes
Part 3: Specific Crimes
Section 1: Crimes against human life, the person and the family
Section 2: Property crimes
Section 3: Crimes against the community
Section 4: Crimes against the State and administration of justice
Section 5: Organized and commercial crime
Part 4: International criminal law