Writing Critically: Key Skills for Post-Secondary Success

ISBN : 9780199006809

Whitney Hoth; Paul Meahan; Mark Feltham
272 ページ
177 x 226 mm
  • A problem-solving approach to writing rooted in real-world
  • Positive, authoritative approach
  • Integration of reading, writing, and critical thinking
  • Practical scaffolded instruction followed by hands-on practice opportunities

Writing Critically: Key Skills for Post-Secondary Success is organized into two parts. Part 1 deals with the three sets of inter-related skills: critical reading, critical thinking, and critical response, while Part 2 presents basic grammar, mechanics, and style topics as they relate to effective critical response writing.
Part 1 takes a step-by-step approach to help students develop their skills in numerous key areas of writing. It presents detailed, carefully sequenced explorations of crucial critical-reading skill topics, including discrimination between main and supporting points, and includes both basic material regarding types of statements and the types of evidence that they require, as well as proper summary skills, including the use of signal phrases. Detailed explorations of two author-created prompts help students develop strategies for critically responding to arguments. Grammar, punctuation, and stylistic topics are embedded along the way, arising out of the demands of particular writing situations, rather than as topics in and of themselves. 
While certain grammatical and stylistic topics are integrated into Part 1 as needed, the Part 2 modules present grammar topics in a more through and analytical way. Unlike the content in Part 1, which is designed for students to follow in order, material in Part 2 can be integrated into activities at almost any point in the sequence.


PART 1: Critical Reading and Critical Response
Module 1:Student Roadmap for this Book
Module 2:Breaking Down Arguments
Module 3: Referring to Texts
Module 4:Critical Response
Module 5: What Is an Essay, and Why Should I Care?
Module 6:How to Write an Introduction
Module 7:How to Write Body Paragraphs
Module 8:How to Write Conclusions
Module 9:Is This on the Test? Writing Essay Exams
PART 2: Grammar, Mechanics, and Style
Module 1: What Is a Sentence?
Module 2: Linking Sentences
Module 3:More on Commas
Module 4: Common Punctuation Errors
Module 5: Agreement
Module 6:Modification and Parallelism
Module 7:Wordiness
Module 8:Editing, Revising, and Proofreading


Whitney HothPaul Meahan, and Mark Feltham

The author team of the Writing Critically is a collaboration of three very experienced full-time developmental English and writing instructors of the WRIT 1030 course at Fanshawe College in London: Mark Feltham, Paul Meahan, and Whitney Hoth. They have been key contributors to the WRIT program as instructors, coordinators, and chairs, and have written research papers on the programâs long-term effectiveness. They have also presented the program and its success to other colleges across Ontario.