The Triune Story: Collected Essays on Scripture

ISBN : 9780190917005

Robert W. Jenson; Bruce D. Marshall
376 ページ
156 x 235 mm

At the time of his death in the autumn of 2017, Robert W. Jenson was arguably America's foremost theologian. Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades, much of Jenson's thought was dedicated to the theological description of how Scripture should be read-what has come to be called theological interpretation. In this rapidly expanding field of scholarship, Jenson has had an inordinate impact. Despite its importance, study of Jenson's theology of scriptural interpretation has lagged, due in large part to the longevity of his career and volume of his output. In this book, all of Jenson's writings on Scripture and its interpretation have been collected for the first time. Here readers will be able to see the evolution of Jenson's thought on this topic, as well as the scope and intensity of his late-period engagement with it. Where other twentieth-century thinkers rely on non-theological, secular methods of scriptural investigation, Jenson is willing to let go of "respectability" for the sake of a truly Christian theological interpretation. The result is a genuinely free, intellectually invigorating exercise in reading and theory from one of the greatest theologians in the last century.


Foreword by Bruce D. Marshall
Introduction by Brad East
Part I: Early Reflections and Encounters
1. An Ecumenical Proposal of Dogma, Lutheranism
2. On the Problem(s) of Scriptural Authority
3. Psalm 32
4. Can a Text Defend Itself? An Essay de Inspiratione Scripturae
5. The Decalogue, A Large Catechism
6. Simplistic Thoughts about the Authority of Scripture
Part II: Tradition, Inspiration, and Hermeneutics
7. Hermeneutics and the Life of the Church
8. The Norms of Theological Judgment, Systematic Theology: Volume I
9. The Word and the Icons, Systematic Theology: Volume II
10. The Religious Power of Scripture
11. Scripture's Authority in the Church
12. A Second Thought about Inspiration
13. Introduction, Song of Songs
14. Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses
15. On the Authorities of Scripture
16. The Strange New World of the Bible
17. Introduction, Ezekiel
18. Moses and the Mountain of Knowledge
19. Sola Scriptura, Lutheran Slogans
20. On the Inspiration of Scripture
III: Christian Doctrine and Theological Interpretation
21. Toward a Christian Theology of Israel
22. Once More into the Breach: The True Historical Jesus
23. The Bible and the Trinity
24. Toward a Christian Theology of Judaism
25. On the Ascension
26. The Trinity in the Bible
27. Male and Female He Created Them
28. Reading the Body
29. Identity, Jesus, and Exegesis
30. What Kind of God Can Make a Covenant?
31. The Bride of Christ
32. Can Ethical Disagreement Divide the Church?
33. On Dogmatic/Systematic-Appropriation of Paul-According-to-Martyn
Epilogue - It's the Culture


Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017) was an internationally renowned theologian and the author of dozens of books and hundreds of essays and articles. He earned his ThD at the University of Heidelberg, finishing his dissertation in Basel under the guidance of Karl Barth. His two-volume Systematic Theology was published in 1997 and 1999 by Oxford University Press. Brad East (PhD, Yale University) teaches theology in the College of Biblical Studies at Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas. His work has been published in Modern Theology, International Journal of Systematic Theology, Scottish Journal of Theology, Anglican Theological Review, and Pro Ecclesia, as well as Interpretation, Living Church, Los Angeles Review of Books, Marginalia Review of Books, and Mere Orthodoxy.