The Oxford History of Hinduism: Modern Hinduism

ISBN : 9780198790839

Torkel Brekke
336 ページ
156 x 234 mm

The Oxford History of Hinduism: Modern Hinduism focuses on developments resulting from movements within the tradition as well as contact between India and the outside world through both colonialism and globalization. Divided into three parts, part one considers the historical background to modern conceptualizations of Hinduism. Moving away from the reforms of the 19th and early 20th century, part two includes five chapters each presenting key developments and changes in religious practice in modern Hinduism. Part three moves to issues of politics, ethics, and law. This section maps and explains the powerful legal and political contexts created by the modern state-first the colonial government and then the Indian Republic-which have shaped Hinduism in new ways. The last two chapters look at Hinduism outside India focusing on Hinduism in Nepal and the modern Hindu diaspora.


Notes on Contributors
Gavin Flood: Series Introduction
Torkel Brekke: Introduction: Modernity and Hinduism
1 Adrian Plau: Early Modern Hinduism
2 Dermot Killingley: Rammohun Roy and the Bengal Renaissance
3 Hans Harder: Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay and modern Hinduism
4 Ferdinando Sardella: Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati and ISKCON
5 Tanisha Ramachandran: Murti, Idol, Art, and Commodity: The Multiple Identities of Hindu Images
6 Gayatri Chatterjee: Indian Cinema and Modern Hinduism
7 Knut Aukland: Hindu Pilgrimage and Modern Tourism
8 Kathinka Froystad: Hinduism and New Age: Patrimonial Oneness and Religious Cosmopolitanism
9 Heinz Scheifinger: Hinduism Online
10 Manjari Katju: The History of Hindu Nationalism in India
11 Divya Vaid and Ankur Datta: Caste and Contemporary Hindu Society: Community, Politics and Work
12 Werner Menski: Hindu Law in Modern Times: How Hindu Law Continues in Modern India
13 Pankaj Jain: Modern Hindu Dharma and Environmentalism
14 David N. Gellner and Chiara Letizia: Hinduism and Secularism in Modern Nepal
15 Vineeta Sinha: The Modern Hindu Diaspora


Torkel Brekke is Research Professor at Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). His publications include Makers of Modern Indian Religion in the Late Nineteenth Century (2002), Religious Motivation and the Origins of Buddhism: A Social-Psychological Exploration of the Origins of a World Religion (2002), Fundamentalism: Prophecy and Protest in an Age of Globalization (2012), Buddhism and Violence: Militarism and Buddhism in Modern Asia (co-edited with Vladimir Tikhonov; 2012), and Military Chaplaincy in an Era of Religious Pluralism: Military-Religious Nexus in Asia, Europe, and USA (co-edited with Vladimir Tikhonov; 2017).