Two Masterpieces of Kuttiyattam: Mantrankam and Anguliyankam

ISBN : 9780199483594

David Shulman; Heike Oberlin; Elena Mucciarelli
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This volume focuses on Mantrankam and Anguliyankam that are the two great masterpieces of Kutiyattam, one of India's oldest living theatrical traditions. It provides some fundamental general remarks on the performance of Kutiyattam, relates it to the pan-Indian reflection on aesthetics, and gives an account of its development up to the present time. The chapters in the volume are authored by both scholars versed in this tradition as well as active Kutiyattam performers in Kerala, which is where it is practised. This is the first attempt to bring together a set of focused studies of this masterpiece-in-performance.


Two Masterpieces of Kuttiyattam:
Mantrankam and Anguliyakam
Heike Oberlin & David Shulman
(in cooperation with Elena Mucciarelli)
Delhi: Oxford University Press
Table of Contents
Introduction (Heike Oberlin & David Shulman)
Preface (K.K. Gopalakrishan)
Opening up
DT A?gul?y??kam and Mantr??kam: Two Wondrous Crest Jewels of K??iy???am (Sudha Gopalakrishnan)
DT Some Remarks on the ??caryac???ma?i: Reflections, Reflexivity and Wonder (Lyne Bansat-Boudon)
DT Mantr??kam, an Ancient Integration Project? Its Structure and Composition (Heike Oberlin)
DT What is Mantr??kam? (David Shulman)
DT Pracchana B?rhaspatyam: Irony and Illusion, Reality, Reflection and Play in Mantr??kam (Orly Hadani Nave)
DT Reflection and Aru?: Creating ?iva on the K??iya??am Stage (Hemdat Salay)
DT Vasantaka: Personal Considerations from Within the Practice (Indu G.)
DT Mantr??kam: An Arena for Experimentation (Elena Mucciarelli)
DT The Mantr??kam Paribh??a from a Historical Linguistics Perspective (Ophira Gamliel)
DT Tying the Universe: The Interplay of Veda and K??iy???am with special reference to Mantr??kam (Elena Mucciarelli & Heike Oberlin)
DT A?gul?y??kam, R?m?ya?a-Veda of the C?ky?rs (Virginie Johan)
DT A?gul?y??kam: The N??yaveda of K??iy???am (Bhadra P.K.M. & Rajneesh B.)
DT The World of Hanum?n: Creating a Fluid Cosmos on a Kerala K??iy???am Stage (Einat Bar-On Cohen)
DT Distinct Conventions in the Staging of A?gul?y??kam K?ttu (Ammannur Kuttan Chakyar & Aparna Nangiar)
Tying up
DT My Experience of Performing A?gul?y??kam and Mantr??kam (Madhu Margi Chakyar)
DT Knowing and Being: K?t?iya???am and its Semantic Universe (Manu V. Devadevan)
DT An Actor in Red and White: The C?ky?r Community and the Early Ma?ipr?va?am Corpus (Sivan Goren)
Note on the Contributors


Shulman, David: Professor emeritus, Dept. of Asian Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Oberlin, Heike (nee Moser): Associate professor, Dept. of Indology, University of Tubingen; studied K??iy???am at Kerala Kalamandalam and is a performer herself. Mucciarelli, Elena: Postdoctoral researcher, Dept. of Indology, University of Tubingen.