The Music Road: Coherence and Diversity in Music from the Mediterranean to India

ISBN : 9780197266564

Reinhard Strohm
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Proceedings of the British Academy

The Music Road contains contributions on musical cultures from the Mediterranean to India which brings together historical research, philology and ethnographic fieldwork to revive the differentiated voices of this world region. It is here referred to as ", to emphasize the musical traditions in this western half of the ", and the transitional nature of its cultural migrations and coherences. Mobility in space, transmission in time and " are demonstrated in the following historical cultures: Ancient Gandhar? (N.W. India, first centuries CE) and the tradition of Alexander's conquest; sections on " from medieval Persia to modern Turkey; " with the West - and vice versa - in music and dance (18th-20th centuries); Greek music and theatre as a bridge between East and West; and Gypsy musical styles in European nationalist music.


1 Reinhard Strohm: The Music Road: an expedition across time and space
2 Martin Stokes: The Middle East in music history: An ethnomusicological perspective
Alexandrian Tracks
3 Gabriela Currie: Sonic entanglements, visual records and the Gandharan nexus
4 Ciro Lo Muzio: Persian 'snap': Iranian dancers in Gandhra
5 Donatella Restani: Listening between the lines: Alexander's musical legacy in Italy (13th-15th centuries)
Intercultural Islam
6 Andrew Hicks: Mysticism's musical modalities: Philosophies of audition in medieval Persian Sufism
7 Lisa Nielson: Samac intertwined in practice: Eight treatises from the ninth to fifteenth centuries
8 Slawomira Zeranska-Kominek: Writing the history of unwritten music: On the treatise of Darwesh 'Ali Changi (17th c.)
9 Owen Wright: Bridging the Safavid-Ottoman divide
10 Kevin Dawe: Musical instruments and world history: A case study of the guitar in the Republic of Turkey
Indian Encounters
11 Margaret Walker: 11 The 'Nautch', the Veil, and the Bayadere: The Indian dance as musical nexus
12 Nalini Ghuman: Maud MacCarthy: 'The musicking body'
Hellas between West and East
13 Katy Romanou: The music of the modern Greeks in Western and Eastern music literature, from the ninth to the 19th century
14 Walter Puchner: A typology of Western music and theatre activity in South-East Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea region in premodern times (16th-19th century)
15 Kostas Kardamis: Orientalism in the art music of the Ionian islands
16 Avra Xepapadakou: European itinerant opera and operetta companies touring in the Near and Middle East
A Gypsy Epilogue
17 Anna G. Piotrowska: From 'rhapsodic gypsy' to 'gypsy rhapsody'
General bibliography


Richard Strohm has studied musicology, violin, Latin and Italian literature in Munich, Pisa, Milan and Berlin. Since receiving his Ph.D. in 1971 from the Technical University, Berlin he has had a distinguished career in musicology. From 1975 until 1983 he was a Lecturer in Music, and then Reader, at King's College, London before being appointed as Professor of Musicology at Yale, a post he held for seven years. Returning to KCL in 1991 he then moved to Oxford in 1996, where he was the Hether Professor of Music until he retired in 2007. Throughout his career he has held visiting professorships at the Universities of Chicago, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Budapest (Liszt Academy), and Hamburg. He has published a range of titles on topics such as European music in the 14th-19th centuries, the history of opera, criticism of musicology, and global music history.