Twelve Essays on Winnicott: Theoretical Developments and Clinical Innovations

ISBN : 9780190949631

Amal Treacher Kabesh
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One of Britain's leading psychoanalysts and pediatricians, Donald Woods Winnicott (1896 - 1971) was the creative mind behind some of the most enduring theories of the child and of child, adolescent and adult analysis. Winnicott's work is still relevant today for child and adult therapists, psychoanalysts, social workers, teachers, and psychologists, and his papers and clinical observations are routinely studied by trainees in psychoanalysis, psychiatry, and clinical psychology. Brought together into a single volume for the first time, the writings that compose Twelve Essays on Winnicott originally appeared as part of the landmark publication The Collected Works of DW Winnicott (winner in the Historical category of the American Board & Academy of Psychoanalysis Book Prize for best books published in 2016). These twelve works of original scholarship provide a distinctive chronological map to Winnicott's theoretical developments and clinical innovations. The result is a substantial contribution to psychoanalytic theory and practice that will be of interest to clinicians, scholars, and new and lifelong students of the work of Donald W. Winnicott.


1. The Enduring Significance of Donald W Winnicott: A General Introduction to the Collected Works
Lesley Caldwell and Helen Taylor Robinson
2. From Paediatrics to Psychoanalysis
Ken Robinson
3. Two makes one, then one makes two: early emotional development
Christopher Reeves
4. Towards Different Objects, Other Spaces, New Integrations
Vincenzo Bonaminio and Paolo Fabozzi
5. Reading Winnicott Slowly
Dominique Scarfone
6. Winnicott: Reaching His Peak
Jennifer Johns and Marcus Johns
7. Health: Dependency towards Independence
Angela F. Joyce
8. Object Presence and Absence in Psychic Development
Anna Ferruta
9. Communication between Infant and Mother, Patient and Analyst: The Years of Consolidation
Ann Horne
10. Being, Creativity and Potential Space
Arne Jemstedt
11. Expectation and Offer: the Challenge of Communication in Winnicott's 'Therapeutic Consultations'
Marco Armellini
12. Winnicott and the Primacy of Life
Steven Groarke


Amal Treacher Kabesh is an Associate Professor in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham. She has a long-standing interest in bringing together psychoanalytic and cultural theory in order to understand identity (particularly gender and ethnicity) and has published extensively on these topics. Her two most recent books are Postcolonial Masculinities: Histories, Emotions, Ethics and Egyptian Revolutions: Conflict, Repetition and Identification.