The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: Volume VI: Journalism I

ISBN : 9780198119647

John Stokes; Mark Turner
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148 x 215 mm
Complete Works Oscar Wilde
  • A new volume in the Oxford English Texts edition of the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
  • The first comprehensive edition of Wilde's journalism since 1908
  • Enables readers and scholars to find all of Wilde's journalism
  • Includes a number of articles identified as Wilde's for the first time
  • Extremely thorough and cross-referenced throughout, matching the established high standards of the Oxford English Text editions.

This volume of the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde is the first volume of Wilde's journalism. Throughout the 1880s Oscar Wilde devoted the greater part of his creative energies to working as a professional journalist and he was prepared to write on a remarkable range of topics - from cookery books to lyric poetry, from classical translations to three-volume novels, from dress reform to transatlantic visitors. He also reviewed theatrical productions and art exhibitions of many kinds. Between 1887 and 1889 he edited the pioneering Woman's World magazine to which he contributed lengthy columns discussing literary and other matters of interest to an educated female readership.
This is the first comprehensive edition of Wilde's journalism since 1908. It includes all of his known contributions, both signed and anonymous, to periodicals and newspapers. Of the more than 150 items - reviews, articles, editorials - a significant number have been identified for the first time, while the authenticity of others previously thought to be by Wilde is questioned. An extensive commentary offers the sources for Wilde's extraordinary cultural knowledge and provides cross-references to his oeuvre as whole. In the case of the book reviews, the commentary indicates relevant pages and passages in the works under discussion. 
Uniquely witty, intellectually acute, and socially aware Wilde's journalism not only displays the extensive reading and stylistic experimentation that prepared the way for his major works of the 1890s, it provides an essential record of the vibrant and rapidly changing journalistic culture in which he played a major part.


A Note on the Texts
Journalism (July 1877-October 1887)
A Note on the Commentary


Edited by John Stokes, Emeritus Professor of Modern British Literature, King's College London, and Mark Turner, Professor of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature, King's College London
John Stokes has taught at the universities of Reading, Illinois and Warwick. Until 2008 he was Professor of Modern British Literature at King's College London. He has written widely on the culture of the fin-de-siècle as well as on theatre history of many periods and he has delivered many public lectures and conference papers at home and abroad. ; Mark W. Turner is co-editor of the journal, Media History and is on the Board of Directors of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.

Runner up in the annual Colby prize 2014
"... the aim of the Oxford edition is to establish him [Wilde] as an author of major intellectual and scholarly significance ... in this sense, the publication of the journalism is one of the most notable achievements of the Oxford edition so far. This is because the articles collected here-most of which will not be familiar even to experienced Wilde readers-tell us a lot about the Wilde of the 1880s, a period of which we know relatively little..." - Stefano Evangelista, The Times Literary Supplement

"Given the complexity of the task of editing such material, the level of scholarship displayed by this edition is impressive." - Anya Clayworth, Review 19