God in the Rainforest: Missionaries and the Waorani in Amazonian Ecuador

ISBN : 9780190608989

Kathryn T. Long
496 ページ
156 x 235 mm

In January of 1956, five young evangelical missionaries were speared to death by a band of the Waorani people in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Two years later, two missionary women-the widow of one of the slain men and the sister of another-with the help of a Wao woman were able to establish peaceful relations with the same people who had killed their loved ones. The highly publicized deaths of the five men and the subsequent efforts to Christianize the Waorani quickly became the defining missionary narrative for American evangelicals during the second half of the twentieth century. God in the Rainforest traces the formation of this story and shows how Protestant missionary work among the Waorani came to be one of the missions most celebrated by Evangelicals and most severely criticized by anthropologists and others who accused missionaries of destroying the indigenous culture. Kathryn T. Long offers a study of the complexities of world Christianity at the ground level for indigenous peoples and for missionaries, anthropologists, environmentalists, and other outsiders. For the first time, Long brings together these competing actors and agendas to reveal one example of an indigenous people caught in the cross-hairs of globalization.


I. A Missionary Legend Takes Shape, 1956-1959
Chapter 1 Palm Beach on the Curaray River
Chapter 2 Impact on the Home Front
II. Entry and a Reunion with Kin, 1956-1958
Chapter 3 Tensions and Competition
Chapter 4 Dayumae, Rachel, and Betty
Chapter 5 An Invitation to Meet the Family
III. Life in Tewaeno, 1958-1966
Chapter 6 Peaceful Contact
Chapter 7 A Parting of the Ways
Chapter 8 The (Apparently) Idyllic Years
IV. Pacification, 1967-1973
Chapter 9 Big Oil, Waorani Relocation, and Polio
Chapter 10 Early Anti-Mission Sentiment
V. Access, 1974-1982
Chapter 11 An Anthropologist Arrives
Chapter 12 Breaking a Pattern of Dependence
Chapter 13 Ethnocide: the SIL Response
Chapter 14 Land, Literacy, and Quichua-ization
Chapter 15 Catholics and the Waorani
Chapter 16 Exit from Ecuador
VI. Transitions, 1982-1994
Chapter 17 The New Testament in Wao tededo
Chapter 18 The Aguarico Martyrs
Chapter 19 David and Goliath
Chapter 20 Saving the Rainforest
Epilogue: The Twenty-first Century


Kathryn T. Long is a former Associate Professor and Chair of the History Department at Wheaton College. Her first book, The Revival of 1857-58: Interpreting an American Religious Awakening, was awarded the Brewer Prize for outstanding scholarship in church history by a first-time author from the American Society of Church History.