India Development Report 2017

ISBN : 9780199483549

S. Mahendra Dev
352 ページ
216 x 281 mm

Indian economy with more than 2 trillion dollars of GDP in 2017 is different from that in 1991. The country is more globally integrated now as compared to the year when reforms started. The global financial crisis that originated in the US in 2008 transmitted to emerging market economies like India. Again continued global slowdown in the last few years had an adverse impact on India's economy as the value of exports declined significantly in the last two years. Currently, India's macroeconomic parameters such as current account deficit, inflation, fiscal deficit and exchange rate are under control and stable. India is attracting large inflows of foreign direct investment. India Development Report 2017 evaluates the Indian economy since the reforms of 1991 in terms of macroeconomic growth, agricultural developments, social sector achievements, and growth in trade and industry. Presenting a comprehensive analysis of reforms that took place in these domains during the last twenty five years, this report also addresses recent changes and issues that have affected the country's economy, like changes in national account statistics due to introduction of new series, manufacturing and services in the context of 'Make in India' initiative, changes in the insolvency and bankruptcy laws, and achievements in education and health sectors, among others. The report includes a data-rich statistical appendix which provides an independent assessment of the economic and social indicators discussed in the report.


Preparedness for the Make in India and Other Emerging Issues: An Introductory Overview
S. Mahendra Dev and C. Veeramani
Part I: Emerging Issues in Macroeconomics, Agriculture and Social Sector
Macroeconomic Scenario and Policy Options
Ashima Goyal
New National Accounts Series: An Exposition and Key Issues in the Debate
J Dennis Rajakumar and S.L. Shetty
Consumption and Nutritional Implications of Alternative Growth Scenario for India
G. Mythili
Women's Empowerment in Agriculture: Implications on Nutrition in India
S. Mahendra Dev, Vijay Laxmi Pandey, and D. Suganthi
Spatial Aspects of Production Diversification in Indian Agriculture
Tirtha Chatterjee and A. Ganesh-Kumar
Human Capital and the Economy: Where are the Tertiary Educated?
Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay
Adult Education and Composition of Labour Supply in India
Runu Bhakta and A. Ganesh-Kumar
Labour Regulations and Worker Welfare: The Case of Provident Fund in India
Karthikeya Naraparaju and Ajay Sharma
Part II: Sector Focus: Industry, Trade and Preparedness for Make in India
Make What in India?
C. Veeramani and Garima Dhir
Services for Indian Manufacturing
Rupa Chanda
One Size Does Not Fit All: An Analysis of the Importance of Industry-specific Vertical Policies for Growing High Technology Industries in India
Sunil Mani
Make Where in India?
Sanjoy Chakravorty
Evolution of the Insolvency Framework for Non-financial Firms in India
Rajeswari Sengupta, Anjali Sharma and Susan Thomas


S. Mahendra Dev is Director and Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai.