Energy Law and Policy

ISBN : 9780199482979

Usha Tandon
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Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all is one of the goals of sustainable development. In order to meet the increasing demand for various forms of energy-whether derived from fossil fuel, nuclear substances, or renewable sources-conservation, equitable use, and efficient management of its usage have gained primacy. Energy Law and Policy provides a constructive understanding of energy law, a relatively new area in the discourse of environmental law. It argues the importance of looking into existing legal imperatives to frame a robust, and comprehensive legal framework on renewable energy at national and international levels. In this volume, leading energy law experts shed light on crucial aspects of energy law, such as the linkages between energy and sustainable development, energy trade, energy tax, and intellectual property rights in clean energy. Providing a comparative perspective, the book discusses domestic laws of India, China, Mauritius, and Nigeria, and link the legal instruments developed by environmental law to an energy regime where economic motives dominate and differ across nations depending on the availability of their natural resources.


Foreword by Richard L. Ottinger
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PART I International Perspectives
1. The Atmosphere as a Global Commons and Cleansing it with New Energy Options
Klaus Bosselmann and Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
2. Making Sense of Energy and Natural Resource Law in the Anthropocene Epoch
Upendra Baxi
3. Regulation of Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Development: A Critical Overview of International Regime with Special Reference to IAEA
Usha Tandon
4. International Energy Law and WTO: Issues and Challenges
V. Chandralekha
5. Intellectual Property in the Way of a Clean and Green Environment: Is Licensing the Solution?
Nikita Pattajoshi and Akash Kumar
PART II National Perspectives
6. Clean Energy in India: Supply And Prospects
Armin Rosencranz, Rajnish Wadehra, Neelakshi Bhadauria, and Pranay Chitale
7. Renewable Energy Development in India: The Need for a Robust Legal Framework
Sanjay Upadhyay
8. Examining the Legal Impediments in the Development of Renewable Energy in Nigeria
Erimma Gloria Orie
9. Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Development: World View on Nuclear Energy with Special Reference to India
Abdul Haseeb Ansari
10. The Indian Energy Conservation Law: A Critical Overview
C.M. Jariwala
11. Information Disclosure: A Policy Tool for Managing Environmental and Energy Challenges
Shivananda Shetty and Surender Kumar
12. Assessing the Legal Framework of Mauritius on Sustainable Energy: Is it Robust Enough to Achieve the Dream of 'Mauritius: A Sustainable Island'?
Amar Roopanand Mahadew
13. Eco-tax on Energy Resources: A Critical Appraisal with Special Reference to India
Neeraj Kumar Gupta and Pratibha Tandon
14. Humanity, Energy, and Law: Urgencies and Challenges
M. Afzal Wani
15. Achieving Redistributive Energy Justice: A Critical Analysis of Energy Policies of India
Maansi Verma
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Usha Tandon is professor of environmental law, population law, and gender justice at the University of Delhi.