Surgical Neuro-Oncology

ISBN : 9780190696696

Russell Lonser; Brad Elder
320 ページ
216 x 279 mm

Part of the Neurosurgery by Example series, this volume on surgical neuro-oncology presents exemplary cases in which renowned authors guide readers through the assessment and planning, decision making, surgical procedure, after care, and complication management of common and uncommon disorders. The cases explore a number of different types of nervous systems tumors, including glioblastoma, medulloblastoma, skull tumors, and more. Each chapter also contains 'pivot points' that illuminate changes required to manage patients in alternate or atypical situations, and pearls for accurate diagnosis, successful treatment, and effective complication management. Containing a focused review of medical evidence and expected outcomes, Surgical Neuro-Oncology is appropriate for neurosurgeons who wish to learn more about this subspecialty, and those preparing for the American Board of Neurological Surgery oral examination.


Chapter 1. High Grade Glioma
Kristin Huntoon and J. Bradley Elder
Chapter 2. Unusual Gliomas
Chikezie I. Eseonu, Jordina Rincon-Torroella, and Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa
Chapter 3. Pineal Tumors
Daniel R. Felbaum, Jonathan H. Sherman, and Walter C. Jean
Chapter 4. Choroid Plexus Tumors
Eric Sribnick and Jeffrey Leonard
Chapter 5. Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumors
Clayton L. Haldeman and John S. Kuo
Chapter 6. Medulloblastoma
Robert North and Ganesh Rao
Chapter 7. Hemangioblastoma
Jeffrey Hatef and Russell R. Lonser
Chapter 8. Primary CNS Lymphoma
Roberto Jose Diaz, Gregory W. Basil, and Ricardo J. Komotar
Chapter 9. Ventricular Tumors
Neil Majmundar and James K. Liu
Chapter 10. Brain Metastases
Adam M. Robin and Steven N. Kalkanis
Chapter 11. Meningiomas
Koos Hovinga, Yoshua Esquenazi, and Philip Gutin
Chapter 12. Hemangiopericytoma
Bradley D. Weaver and Randy L. Jensen
Chapter 13. Skull Base Schwannoma
Joshua Lucas, Dwan Fishback, and Steven Giannotta
Chapter 14. Chordoma and Chrondrosarcoma
Ahmed Mohyeldin, Ricardo L. Carrau, and Daniel M. Prevedello
Chapter 15. Endocrine Active Pituitary Tumor
Amol Raheja and William T. Couldwell
Chapter 16. Endocrine Silent Pituitary Tumors
Harminder Singh, Smeer Salam, and Theodore H. Schwartz
Chapter 17. Rathke's Cleft Cysts
Ian A. Buchanan and Gabriel Zada
Chapter 18. Dermoid/Epidermoid Tumors
Ashish H. Shah and Jacques J. Morcos
Chapter 19. Esthesioneuroblastoma and Carcinomas of the Nasal Cavity
Kenan Alkhalili, Shaan M. Raza, and Franco DeMonte
Chapter 20. Intramedullary Spinal cord tumors
Paul C. McCormick
Chapter 21. Extramedullary spinal cord tumors
J. Bradley Elder and Ahmed Mohyeldin
Chapter 22. Primary tumors of the spine
Martin H. Pham and Patrick C. Hsieh
Chapter 23. Skull Tumors
David Altshuler, Jason A. Heth, and Nicholas J. Szerlip
Chapter 24. Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Or Cohen-Inbar, Daniel M. Trifiletti, and Jason P. Sheehan
Chapter 25. Craniopharyngiomas
Daniel M. S. Raper and John A. Jane, Jr.
Chapter 26. Ependymomas
Paul Klimo Jr. and Nir Shimony
Chapter 27. Low Grade Gliomas
Nader Sanai
Chapter 28. Spine Metastases
Ori Barzilai, Mark H. Bilsky, and Ilya Laufer


Russel R. Lonser, MD, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. In his roles in organized neurosurgery, Dr. Lonser is involved in the education of neurosurgeons in North America and around the world. He has published over 200 articles in medical journals devoted to advanced echniques and new methods of caring for patients with tumors of the nervous system. J. Bradley Elder, MD, is Associate Professor and Director of Neurosurgical Oncology in the Department of Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Elder specializes in caring for patients with tumors of the brain and spine, and is active in clinical and translational neurosurgical oncology research including involvement with national clinical trial cooperatives and multi-institutional scientific collaborations.